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    I see that Lobster night is Saturday night,would any of the restaurants give you lobster any other night? Im so keen to have lobster.

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    Not when we were there. It was lobster night in all the restaurants on Saturday night. We did get to have lobster at the Repeater's Dinner however.

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    Lobster night at CSS is Wednesday and at CTI it is on Friday

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    You must be talking about CSA because CN's lobster night is Friday. I have not seen lobster on the menu any other night then Friday, so I am going to say No you won't be able to find it any other time.

    Keep in mind that lobster is not as abundant as it once was in Jamaica, which is why it is now not available at all during the mating season which is in the spring.

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    You should give the lobster guy on the beach a try. No joke - he carries a box of steamed lobsters. Good size, $10 each. He cuts it open with his knife and we just pulled the meat out of shell. It would have been nice to have some butter, but it was quite tasty. Combine it with a couple of beach drinks and life couldn't be better!

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    I think you should ask your server. I have found, at least at CSS, they will do EVERYTHING possible to respond to your requst!!!!!!

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    We missed Lobster while at CTI since it's on Friday's but did head into Fisherman's Beach to Dave's Lobster one of the best meals we had in Jamaica!

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    Try out Best of the West down the street, he grills Lobster and it is fabulous!

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