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    Default 2011 Couples Resort Calendar

    It's that time of year again! I really enjoyed the 2010 calendar. I kept it at work so that when I needed a pick-me-upper, I could look at the wonderful photos of the different resorts and day-dream occasionally. My question: Are the calendars for 2011 available for purchase at this time?

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    I took so many pictures at CSA last month that I decided to make my own calendar. It will be nice to relive our vacation all year.

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    Sorry, but per Randy on another old thread, there will NOT be any 2011 calendars printed.

    In that thread he said,

    "Hi all:

    In consideration of the fact that we do not have any new photography and will not have any until early 2010, we have made the decision to not print a calendar for 2011 at this time.
    Randy Russell
    Chief Romance Officer and Senior Vice President
    Couples Resorts "
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I'm making my own this year.

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    Default 2011 Calendars

    Sorry to hear this. I was actually planning on purchasing a few as Christmas gifts for the two couples joining us next February. I liked the fact that there were pics from all 4 Couples Resorts; especially since we're going to a different one in 2011. Oh well...thanks for putting an end to my curiosity NeedBlueWater.

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    I had a calendar made as well with the pictures I took. I had it done by snapfish.

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    Default Homemade Calendar...

    So far, we've only been to CN; however,we will be at CSA in Feb. 2011. If anyone out there would like to share a few of their favorite pics from CSA, I can make a calendar with pics from CN and CSA as gifts for our friends joining us next year. They haven't been to CN and might appreciate pics from CSA a little more in anticipation of their future trip. Not sure how to receive them though...any thoughts on this?

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    I like the idea of creating my own. While I really most of the photos on my 2010 calendar, some just felt too commercial--like the close ups of other couples. I would rather have be me and hubby sitting at the restaurant, not someone I don't know who is posing for a photo. Just my opinion.

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    I was convinced! I created my own calendar from our pics at CN this year and got a few extra to give to our friends who will be traveling with us in Feb. 2011. It was fun reminiscing while creating the layout and picking out our favorite pics. And Vickyj, you're right about seeing your own "mug" on the calendar instead of some strangers. I thought it was a little odd when I'd look up at the calendar on my wall and strangers were looking back at me! LOL Thanks for the great suggestion!

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