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    I wonder if anyone can help? We will be paying a second visit to CSS in January 2010 and have booked a verandah suite. Unfortunately we can't remember where they are located on the property and never got the chance to look inside one. I would be grateful if anyone can advise on the views, location, sun or indeed any photos which will assist. We are so looking forward to our return as we had such a great time last November.

    Thank you

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    I was also wondering how close they are to any bars and such. We're really looking for a quiet room....getting away for our 16th anniversary. WE were never able to have a honeymoon so this is a late one, plus we're getting away from our 4 kids for the first time. We were just looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway

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    hello we stayed at CSS last Dec in a verandah suites
    Ours was located in the D block. Great room our balcony over looked the far end of the main beach. The balcony was spacious ... yes there were steps butthe room was very quiet and we enjoyed it a great deal

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    We stayed in the G block on the second florr. Great view and quiet at night. We actually enjoyed the walk to and from the restaurants. We will do it again in the same room.

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