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    Default Will be at Tower Isle in 9 days - How will the weather be?

    We will be at Tower Isle in 9 days! How is the weather going to be? All we are seeing is rain and storms! : (

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    i will add the weather channel on your phone and u will be able to check daily and every hour.

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    Doesn't matter, you are in Jamaica, at Couples and all is right with the world.

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    we're here at Tower Isle at the moment, and have been since the 5th October. We have only had 1 day of bad weather which was on Sunday the rest of the time it's been bright sunshine from from 8.00am to 7.00pm. In fact it's so hot today that i've had to come inside for half an hour!

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    All I can say is don't fret over the weather predictions! We just got back last week from CTI and we had another couple who were traveling with us and the husband was freaking out about the weather and actually planned on cancelling because it looked so bad. Called the travel agent and everything! It was 95% of thunderstorms all day, every day predicted. The wife finally decided two days before travel she didn't care-it was Jamaica! And for the record, we never considered cancelling! Anyway, it was raining when we landed and the whole way to the resort the first day. It rained about an hour after we got there and then the next time we saw any rain was mid way through the trip (lost track of my days! LOL) and a thunderstorm woke us up about 6:00am and POURED for about an hour and that is it! The rest of the trip was beautiful!!!! Go and Enjoy and pay no attention to the forcasts!

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    the weather says it is going to rain/ storm everyday (hope they are wrong) ! Thank you Catspikes!

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