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Thread: 4 Star? UGHHHH

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    Default 4 Star? UGHHHH

    I keep seeing CSA described as a 4 star resort and it is causing a permanent frown line!
    The Wednesday escape ad just came out and it says 4 star!!!
    RIU claims to be 5 star, so does Grand Paladium! We all know it does not get any better than CSA! Except maybe CSS. Does the star rating thing drive anyone else nuts or is it just me?
    I just needed to rant..... thanks all

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    I believe the 4 star/ 5 star ratings are awarded to the hotel chains such as RIU and the Grand P. you are mentioning by the hotel itself. Where as Couples resorts earns there ratings by such organizations such as the AAA

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    CSA is intentionally rustic. Perhaps five-star resorts are more luxurious. Every so often, you'll see a review on the MB from someone who felt seriously misled by the star rating system because they had an expectation that Couples would be more upscale. Different people have different preferences, and not everyone likes Couples. That you do should be enough.
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    I am a Couples fanatic but I do see why Couples is rated 4 star. The rooms are not huge and filled with marble and sunken tubs and lots of "stuff". But that is exactly why I like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marnies View Post
    I keep seeing CSA described as a 4 star resort and it is causing a permanent frown line!
    I just needed to rant..... thanks all
    ....Was also looking at, and photographed, their "4 Diamond" awards for the past 4 years. You really can't complain about that.

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    The star system seems, in my own observation, to reflect $$$ more so than level of comfort, quality of the staff or satisfaction of guests. I have been mislead by the star ratings on more than one occasion and very seldom rely on them alone in selecting accommodations or restaurants. When we first picked CSA for our vacation 5 years ago we did not consider any star ratings, I am not sure if we even saw any such ratings at the time. I suppose they are good for marketing, but I do not find them useful for much else.

    I'm just sayin'.

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    My hands will be just as clean using the water from the faucet in the Atrium suite at CSA as they would be from a gold plated horizontal soft spray spritzer at the "5" star facility. CSA all the way..

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    The rooms are tile floor not carpet. The bathroom are clean but not high end luxury. We spend so little time in our room we don't care about that at all. The staff makes this hotel (CN) 10 stars in my book!

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    To be rated a 5 star the resort would have to have room service beyond breakfast only. Conference facilities also required. I agree, not wanted or needed on my vacation... well, the room service maybe
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