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    Default CN Beach and boats after Nicole

    Heard there was an issue with the Dive boat. Is the snorkle boat up and running? How trips are they taking, it use to be 2 a day. How is the beach?

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    We just arrived back home from our trip to CN ~ October 8-18th. Sorry "Bubbles" is still not back in working order. (still no time frame on when she will be back, but the divemasters are hopeful it will only be a couple more weeks). She is on land waiting for parts. My understanding is the damage she got in Nicole was some prop damage and some damage to her hull. They are working as fast as they can to get her back in working order. In the mean time, they are using a snorkel/glassbotton boat to take the divers out in. They also have a second snorkel/glassbottom boat they are using for those activities. (Couples snorkel boat sank during Nicole)
    They are doing 2 dives per day, and 2 snorkels per day. Everything is running smooth. I apperciate Couples getting thier hands on these 2 boats so that we could still enjoy these activites. Dont let Bubbles not being there ruin your vacation. No, Its not the most ideal way of going diving... Its a lot more work, dragging your gear to the boat, and trying to get ready on the boat (very tight conditions), but we made it work... besides its not how you get there, its what you get to see when your underwater! (We have just been spoiled by Bubbles and how large and roomy she was!!)
    The beach is fine.
    I will be posting a more detailed review in a few days... We had an amazing trip...

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