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    Default Noisy Beach at CN????

    When talking to a friend today at work she mentioned that the hotels (like CN) are on a noisy beach in Negril...with kids screaming at the resort next door; hawkers bothering you every 5 minutes and some with load ghetto blasters, etc, etc.

    She said we should go to her favourite place on the other side of Negril up on the cliffs. So much more relacing and QUIET.

    I was kinda surprised as no one here has ever written complaining about the noise on the CN beach.

    Can someone please confirm that CN is really quiet? Beachside or poolside we want to relax, read a book or listen to our MP3 players. i want to hear the waves...not other people.


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    We've never had an issue at CN with noise.... NO KIDS! No issues!

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    We found the beach and the pool area to be quiet. We couldn't hear the kids at the resort next door and the "hawkers" aren't that bad. More likely to hear them if you walk up and down the beach but not on it. Don't let someone scare you away. CN is great.

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    The beach is actually very chill at CN. They don't let just anybody onto the resort, so the only "hawkers" are the approved vendors that they let onto the resort to sell their goods (a lot of which are very cool). They don't harrass you at all. There are also no loud radios or noise from kids, because there is definitely buffer space between the resorts. You will have a great time. We're going back for Round 2 in 38 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyinToronto View Post
    Can someone please confirm that CN is really quiet? Beachside or poolside we want to relax, read a book or listen to our MP3 players. i want to hear the waves...not other people.
    In general CN is fairly quiet. At times there are places where it is less so, but we've always found an area to escape from it.

    The "R" resort to the north sometimes has a somewhat loud thump-thump music going for beach aerobics around 11AM or so. But we've only noticed it on some trips and only if we're on the north end of the beach (near watersports) or out on the water on a Hobie Cat, windsurfing, etc. The point being that, if you did hear it and were bothered, you can relocate easily to other beach areas.

    The pool area can get loud during pool volleyball (daily at 2PM), depending on the participants. This takes place on the north end of the pool and finding a spot on the other end of the pool gives some escape.

    The pool bar can get rowdy from midday or later in the day as people congregate for Bob Marley shots and to "partay". Some groups call that socializing. We, preferring to hear the waves rather than other guests screaming, consider it rowdy and stay away during those times.

    We've never noticed any noise from screaming kids (unless walking in front of another resort).

    There are a few vendors that call out there wares but:
    a) the security guards keep them moving along the beach
    b) they can't approach you unless you are on the waterline.
    Some guests actually enjoy the memories of hearing the vendors' signature calls. We've certainly never found them annoying.

    Your friend may be referring to the main part of Negril's beach (the 5 mile section where CSA is located). CN is on an ~1.75 stretch of beach on Bloody Bay which is a bit more secluded.

    IMHO you'll have a great, quiet vacation at CN if you wish too.

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    there are some kids at RIU but not that many and you very seldom see them anyway, CN is a private beach

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    Default Noisy BEACH at CN?

    Wow, I was quite surprised to read this post! No, the beach is not noisy by any means. We were there in Feb./March this year and the noise level on the beach was "normal". Also, I expected more locals selling their wares on the beach, but again, that was NOT the case. I think that the atmosphere at both the pool area and the beach was just PERFECT! No worries mon!

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    There are no noisy children running up and down the beach at CN. There are a very few 1-2 in 3 visits walking with their parents along the waterline, but never running around screaming. There are a few vendors, but they do not disturb the peace and quiet. There are two that I can think of that 'call out' their wares, but they only pass half a dozen times during a day. There aren't vendors hawking their wares every 5 minutes disturbing the peace. The main thing you hear are the waves crashing against the shore. Part of what we like about CN is the lack of screaming children and the peace and quiet.
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    No Mon....never heard any kids at the Rui unless we were walking up the beach...and even then they were just being kids and not noisy! The "salesmen" are part of the CN experience...never ever will they bother you unless you approach them!

    Kinda sounds like Friend is just pushing her vacation spot...I'd stick to your choice and see for your will LOVE it!

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    The beach at CN is SOOOOOOOOO quiet and relaxing. It is so quiet that you don't even hear the waves. There are usually no waves in Bloody Bay. Climb in a hammock under the trees, grab a drink and you will love it!

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    Thanks Cleversole. That is what I needed to hear. What resorts are located on either side of CN?


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    We have only been there once, last Christmas, but it wasn't noisy. An occasional hawker would walk by but that was brief. I've been to much noisier places. No kids. We are returning this year. I guess that sums it up for us.

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    The R resort is on one side and they do have kids but even when we walked in front of it we didn't hear them and I tend to be sensitive to kids is a blessing to me! GLB is next door and it is all adults. Rudi noted the parties in the pool area but I don't think they were that loud or at least not when we were there. CN is SUPER relaxing, and even though it is smaller and more intimate, there are plenty of places to be alone and enjoy the place without audible disctractions! Enjoy.

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    We were at CN last week and we did not have any problems with noise or kids. Someone told us that they will not let kids walk through CN because of the nude beach. Hope you decide to go we had a blast!!!

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    Thanks everyone. Great advice and really detailed Rudi.

    I think my friend is thinking about CSA on the larger beach so we will stick to our original plans. We don't have kids and usually travel when they are in school just to avoid them. What can I say "we're DINKs". (Double income no kids)

    We're not drinkers so never join in the large party games. We like to relax and listen to the ocean. Hopefully Bloody Bay has some waves.


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    Was quiet when we were there. Never even saw a kid.

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    Default're right about enjoying the memories of hearing the "vendors". Cracks me up everytime I think of the guys on the jet skis outside of the ropes calling "pharmacy open"!

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    No waves in bloody bay!!! You won't get calmer water!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyinToronto View Post
    so we will stick to our original plans.
    Great, we hope you have a wonderful time.

    Celversole - fwiw, GLB is now a "B" resort (under the same John Issa run S'clubs umbrellas as GLB. John Issa - as in related to Lee Issa of Couples. Cousins I believe.)

    Quote Originally Posted by BKBLKB View Post
    No waves in bloody bay!!! You won't get calmer water!!!
    The vast majority of the time we've seen very calm water but a few trips we've had large waves and people body surfing, etc.
    At least once that was because there was a nearby tropical wave, but one other trip we didn't really have a viable weather phenomena explanation for it.

    The intent is to point that out occasionally, hoping to set expectations that there is a slight chance of wave action. That way if you get a day or two with waves, you're not surprised/disappointed. If Bloody Bay remains that glorious flat, clear water (that we all miss so much) for the duration of your trip, you're in heaven.

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    we stayed at cn end of sept and start of Oct and the beach was quite no kids heard at all. the pool bar is not noisy at all its a great place to make new friends usually from around 4.30 folks gather there for a few cocktails etc but the noise is never to loud the resort is perfect for a peaceful quite break which is the type of break we want and we got it go to CN you will not regret it

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    We loved the beach at CN; much quieter than CSA.

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    Ghetto blasters!! Thats funny. My husband and will be going to CN for our 5th trip, quiet is priority!! Yes a few vendors walk along the beach and sell their wares but if you dont show any intrerest they keep walking. Personally, I love Cheap Charlie. I buy from him every year. I bought 5 tank tops for like 3 dollars apeice and he thru in 3 Jamaican bandanas. My family fought over those bandanas!!

    My point? Your friend is mistaken. You will find every thing you want in a vacation. Quiet, or not!! Just go, you will know!!!
    One Love,

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    The resort on one side (formerly Lido) allows 16 and up while the one on the other side (Riu) allows kids of all ages. If you are at CN during a time when children are not in school there will be more kids walking by, but if you go during a normal school week the number of kids drops dramatically at both of the neighboring resorts. In either case the beach in front of CN is pretty peaceful most of the time. The beach in front of CSA gets more foot traffic due to its location on Long Bay rather than the quieter Bloody Bay where CN is tucked away.

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    We actually stayed at both R resorts on Negril's beach and hardly saw any kids while there. We stayed in November and in May. Probably during the summer months or over the holidays there may be more kids but they were a non issue for us even when staying at their resorts.

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    Our beach experience at CN was great, the only thing I noticed that made too much noise was the parasailing boat. It wasn't a really big deal. But it was much louder than CSA, due to the fact that CN is located in a bay the boat points it's rear end towards the shore and takes off at a right angle away from the beach, repeatedly gunning the engines with each new rider. The noise of the boat's engines is directed right up at you on the beach.

    Because it's on a long open stretch, the parasailing boats off shore at CSA run parallel to the beach, so the engine noise is not directed right at you. So I'd have to give CSA the nod for an overall quieter beach. Both CN & CSA beaches are wonderful.
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