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    We are traveling to Couples Swept Away in April, any suggestions on what to do and see?

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    The daily orientation will answer all your questions. It's at 10am and 5pm every day.
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    Go prepared to get 'sand gravity'. I don't know why it is so strong at Couples, but once you hit those beautiful beaches it seems to be impossible to move from your chair.

    But talk a walk down the beach and see the sites. We love walking the beach at CSA.

    Sign up for Romance Rewards and take advantage of the Trading Places day and check out CN. Walk down the beach at CN and get a lobster from The Office of Nature.

    Get a massage (they are fabulous!)

    Spend an evening with Chocolate and his fabulous fingers tickling the ivory.

    Don't plan to much. Go with the flow and enjoy your time together. You've made a fabulous decision in choosing Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Do not miss the beach bonfire, it it very nice and romantic. Be sure to try the reservation restaurants , they are both awesome. Bring PLENTY of sunscreen !! ( expensive to buy in Jamaica ). Make reservations for the Cat cruise when you arrive, it is a lot of fun. If you are interested in snorkeling, the night snorkeling is suppose to be a wonderful experience. Since it is your first trip to CSA you will probably overpack. Remember, during the day most people just wear a swim suit and cover -up, if they are not leaving the resort. In the evening, usual dress is casual to caribbean dressy. Be prepared to relax and enjoy ! ( also recommend the orientation - it is helpful.)

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    Best advice I can give is to relax. Don't try to do too much. For us a large part of the beauty of CSA is the chance to do almost nothing all day long for the entire week. You will find lots of activities to do, places to go and things to see as you watch and browse the message board. But do try to remember to just take it easy and enjoy the Jamaican pace of life at CSA. No problems, no hurry, no pressure.

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    We will be back for the fifth time next month! Here are a few of our favorite activities:

    Watching the beautiful sunset from the beach.
    Strolling along the lit paths at night and then walking along the beach and gazing up at the billions of stars that we can't see at home.
    The Martini bar before dinner at either the Palms or Lemongrass.
    The Patois Patio bar before dinner at either Patois Patio or Feathers.
    Fish tacos at Seagrapes.
    Jerk chicken at Cabana Grill.
    Snorkeling - especially if you've never tried it before, now is the time to try it for free!
    Check out the spa and sports complex across the street. They have updated the spa recently, and it is amazing (especially the tranquility room). There is a jacuzzi next to the lap pool that no one ever uses (I swear!) except us.
    Floating in the sea on your lounger cushion.
    The catamaran cruise at sunset. **Sigh**

    Well, you get the picture - go, have fun, and reconnect with your loved one! You will adore CSA.

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    I second everything everyone has said, with these additions:

    Be sure to try to wake up early one day to watch the moon set and the sun rise (although technically you can't see it "rise"). You'll be able to watch the beach wake up and hear the birds chirping. It really is lovely and quiet and peaceful.

    Try to meet Elvis. He's not an employee of CSA, but he walks the beach and is the man to see for parasailing, jet skis, etc. He's a really nice person, and is a fixture at CSA.

    Enjoy the vendors. They are totally non-confrontational, and are just looking to earn an honest buck.

    If you're a good swimmer and have a good bill of health (I believe you need to bring a form signed by your MD, that may be somewhere on this site), go for the intro scuba class. You have to swim 8 laps and take a couple hour course, but then you can go out for a dive with a dive master, and it is great fun! (and free)!

    And don't forget that Saturday is Lobster Night!!

    Finally, be sure to bring appropriate clothing for the reservation restaurants. Even if you don't think you'll want to try them, it's better to pack one outfit each for that possibility.


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    CSA is wonderful. Make sure you go to the Martini Bar that is above the Palms. Take a night time stroll across the property. The way the lighting is at night is very romantic. Go across the street and check out the Sports Complex--it is the biggest and best one on the island. Walk the beach and enjoy the local flavor. We didn't go on any outside excursions. The beach does beckon you to stay every day. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Enjoy!

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