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    Hi Everyone
    we are thinking of couples in early November. What kind of weather can we expect? Is Hurricans season over? We were at CTI many years ago---loved it. Which couples would you reccomend? Is topless allowed on parts of the resort other than the AN areas? Thanks so much!!

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    Hurricane season official ends November 30.

    Topless is allowed on the pier at CTI, on the beaches at CSA & CN, and there seems to be confusion on CSS. Some have said they have gone topless there, but I asked and was told no. So I'm not sure.

    The AN beaches are AN only, so no topless.

    There is no AN beach at CSA.

    As far as which resort to choose. You didn't tell us anything about what you want out of a vacation so I really have no information to go on to recommend one resort over the other. If you give us a little more information we might be better able to help you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Wife and I just returned from CSS. We did see a few women topless on the main beach. Nobody seemed to care. We also saw several thong bikinis. Topless sun bathing is not allowed by main pool. You possibly would see more topless sunning at the other Couples resorts. CSS seemed to be more of a middle aged crowd. Which is exactly what my wife and I were looking for

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    If you loved CTI when you were there before, you'll probably love it even more now since it's been renovated. As noted topless on the pier, but honestly, you should visit the island, it's a wonderful experience.. we went our first day and never set foot on the textile beach again... okay, maybe we walked through the surf a couple times, but we did all our laying out over there.

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