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    My Husband and I have been to CSA 4 times and in March we went to CSS and completly fell in love with it. We loved it even more than CSA. Everything was perfect and couldn't wait to go back. In April my husband had a major stroke. He was completely paralized on his right side, but in the ER he was given the drug TPA by IV. It is a clot buster. Within a half an hour going into him. He recovered all movement on his right side. He is doing very well. About 95% where he was before the stroke. And is in very good health. We were going to return to CSS this May or June but now I am nervous about what medical care would be available if anything like this happend on vacation in Jamaica. Has anyone had any experience with this situation. Longing to go back to paradise.

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    I don't have experience with a stroke, but I did fall and severely sprain my ankle one day. The resort doctor came and took care of me and sent me to get xrays. I was not disappointed in the service at all. Let your States side Dr know what you are doing and perhaps he can give you something to take with you to Jamaica.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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