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    Default License Plates

    I wanted to start a license plate thread. My husband ordered these plates for our trucks. So if you have a really cool plate, show it.....Come it off. Here are our plates....Cool Plates.pdf

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    I can't send a picture but mine says SWPTAWY

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    Also, on my Softail is YEA MON. Can't wait for April!

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    Not Jamaican, but:

    We're waiting for "IRIE" to become available.

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    Mine says ILV2DV

    That means "I love to dive" and can't wait to get to CN next year


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    Default Yeah mon

    Just got these for my wife's car ..
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    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    This is mine:
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    Irie Mon

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    Default ..

    Surprised at how many people ask for an explanation.
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    Just got notification that my plate request has been approved. It says JAMRICN, short for Jamerican.

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    These are all pretty cool.
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    The Breeze...I've seen you on 70 before. Have you seen me? We live in Highland.
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    Today on the freeway I saw a license plate that said:
    ONE (symbol for heart) JA

    A rastafarian looking guy was driving. It made me homesick.

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    mbtb97 - Too cool. We live in Pierron and both work in STL. That's my wife driving IRIE ONE west on I70 every morning while listening to reggae on The Joint XM radio. We'll keep our eyes open for SWPTWY 1

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    Default Dive cn

    Hope the attachment comes through this time...

    You will also see it hanging in the CN Dive Shop.

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    Name:  license plate 002.jpg
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    I remember this post from over a year ago and thought I would add my wife's license plate I got her a few months back.

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    Bump! I like this license plate thread! I don't have anything special but it's fun to see everyone else's!

    My first trip to CTI and Jamaica is a mere 250 days away


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