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    Default Going to Propose at CSS

    My girlfriend and I will be visiting Couples Sans Souci in a few weeks. After dating and living together for three years I am ready to pop the big question (...and no, not should we try out the AN Beach).

    I have a few romantic ideas for the proposal, but thought I might throw it out there for recommendations as there may be some options I have not considered. This would have to be a relatively private moment, ie not in the middle of the Gala dinner or in front of a crowd. It would have to be somewhat secluded, romantic and memorable(... I am guessing sober too).

    Both mid thirties, active, and enjoy life!

    Any suggestions?

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    Wow. Congratulations! Have yoy considered the private beach dinner. You can have it on the beach or in the gazebo the cost is 170.00. My FI proposed ww were in Cuba during an exercusion by a waterfall. It was just the 2 of us so no one was around. You can even have a private dinner on your balcony.

    Good luck

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    How sweet. My fiance and I (of 5 years) are getting married at CSS April 20th. I am sure you thought of this idea but the resort offers a private candle-lit dinner on the beach and from a girls point of view it would be soooooo romantic to be proposed to on the beach after a 5 star 5 course meal. It would also be private so it would just be the two of you. I would not put the ring in any of the food or the champagne. I love the classic proposals when the man gets down on one knee pulls out that box and opens it to show her the beautiful ring while asking "the question"! Good luck. I am sure it will be the most romantic moment that the two of you will remember forever.

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    We are getting married May 10th @ CSS.
    I think the grotto near the mineral pool is super seclude and romantic,also the hot tub above the mineral pool, the wedding gazebo of course or one of the spa huts right on the water.
    Good luck.

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    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I am really looking forward to CSS and my future together with this beautiful women!

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