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    Default tennis at couples swept away

    how is the tennis at csa?

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    They have many courts, but it depends on the week that you're there. There is at least one pro there plus a "visiting pro" (a PTR certified teacher) every week. The head pro will give lessons and the visiting pro runs the clinics every morning and round robins in the late afternoon. The level of play, of course, varies from week to week or even day to day depending on who shows up. There were typically 4-8 players for each session when we were there. Have fun!

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    Default tennis at CSA

    The courts are very well maintained. Pros are available for private lessons. One must sign up in advance. Group lessons are conducted by the visiting pro from the states. A round robin is held late afternoon during the week. The sports comlex, spa, gym,locker rooms, & health bar are all in the same area. Enjoy!!

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    When we play it pathetic!! But the facilities are superb, coaching is available & there are a choice of surfaces & plently of equipment

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    Absolutely the best in Jamaica. Great pros, hard surface and clay courts.

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