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Thread: CTI questions??

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    Default CTI questions??

    This will be our first time at CTI. We have been to CSA & loved it so much.We wanted to try another part of the island this time so CTI here we come. I have a few questons maybe someone can answer. Is there drink service on the beach with the flags like CSA?
    Is there an internet room like CSA?
    Is the safe large enough for laptops?
    We loves CSA for these reasons but have not seen anything about these wonderful features listed at CTI. There are 6 of us going Nove 5th thru the 12th. We hope we love CTI asmuch as CSA.
    Thanks in advance for any answers that could be provided.

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    I don't think CTI will disappoint.

    1 - Drink service is available on the beach, but the bars aren't that far either
    2 - There is an internet room that was much better than I have seen in any other hotel I've stayed at for business. It had about 10 computers running and you could usually walk up to one. However, if you're bringing a laptop, there was wireless available in our room which was oceanside. I still have the "CTI_swimup bar" profile just to remind me of good times.
    3 - I didn't bring my laptop (used the bberry wireless instead) but I think its a close call. Someone else may want to comment.
    4 - I hope you enjoy your stay

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    We've been to both CTI and CSA. We loved CSA, but we also loved CTI.

    To answer your questions:

    There are no flags @ CTI, but the wonderful staff do come around to take drink orders and serve drinks. They also brought around the chilled fruit skewers.
    Yes, there is an internet room. It's near the main pool.
    Not sure about the safe size in relation to a laptop. We don't even bother with bringing a laptop.

    Relax and enjoy! You will have a great time!

    CSA 2006
    CTI Apr. 2010
    CN 4 days!

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    I only visited the beach at cti one time last year when I was there but there was a flag for drink service. I quickly learned that the island was the best place to lay out.. no wet suits to deal with and no sand in your suit. And the bar was far less busy! Give it a try!

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    Default Cti

    Quote Originally Posted by dab911 View Post
    Is the safe large enough for laptops?

    We have been to CTI twice and brought a laptop both times. I have a Dell 13" and the safe is NOT large enough to hold. It will hold cameras, phones, wallets, etc. Call me dumb, but I have always left my laptop hooked up on the bedside desk and never had a problem. We were in Premier oceanfront not too far from the lobby and could usually get wireless. I loved it because not only could I keep in touch...if I wanted to....but I could post pictures of our trip for our family. You can't do that on the computers in the Internet Lounge.

    I will say that I have NEVER left my computer in a hotel room before, but just felt very secure at CTI...hope I'm not proved wrong when we return next Saturday!!!

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    Thanks so much for all the great replies. We are looking forward to our stay @ CTI. We arrive Friday Morning. So looking forward to trying a new Couples resort.

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    I bring my laptop also for keeping in touch with the kids via skype and posting pics... I leave it out on the desk... Probably not the safest thing to do... but I have trust in them. Never had a problem....Hoping it will always stay that way!! 37 Days.. Bring it on!!

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    I pretty much never put my laptop in a safe at a hotel, I just keep it in my bag or on the table. lol, haven't had any issues so far. Have fun at CTI, we enjoyed our time there, and are heading back at the end of the month!

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    My hubby took his laptop and locked it in his luggage as it wouldn't fit in the safe. I am planning on taking my mini on our next trip and I am sure it will fit. If not, I will lock it in my luggage. Just on a side note, we have never had anything come up missing at CTI and we have left cameras and phones out, but it's not something I would say to do. We did have a phone and charger taken from our room at another resort.

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    We took our laptop and kept it out on the desk most of the time our internet and cell phones never picked up service on the 1st floor so we used the Computer room instead... We felt very safe until our bag got stolen at the Spa after that we put our laptop in the safe! We have a sony Vaio and it fit perfect.

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    Default CTI now has "wired" internet access also

    This wasn't advertised very much, but they do have DSL and you can borrow a cord from the Front Desk. We were in the main building, but had VERY sporadic wireless reception.

    Once we were "wired", it was fantastic. Had service all of the time. Even used our Magic Jack and small phone we brought to call US for free several times.

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