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    Default 2 question for me and my parents

    My husband Matt and stayed at CSA for our honeymoon, we fell in love with the resort and we are heading back in December. Since we already have this vacation booked for CSA, my question is which resort should we try next? Matt wants to stay with what works so that would be CSA! But, I would like to try something new. I am leaning toward CSS or CN? I just don't know, I don't to be the one saying well I wish I would have listened to Matt and stuck with CSA.

    My second question is for my parents really. Since Matt and I love couples so much we are talking my parents into finally taking a very over due vacation for themselves. My parents are in their early fifties, they have never taking a vacation like this before. I was leaning toward CSS or CTI. I think they would love the scenery at CSS but my mom had to have hip surgery a few years ago and I am concerned about all of the stairs and how spread out the resort is. Please any advise would be great thanks!
    66 days to go!!!

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    I've stay at CSS, CTI and CSA. Headed to CN next month. If you're mom has issues with hills and steps, CSS is not a good choice.
    The beaches at both CSS and CTI can't compare to Negril.
    I'd choose CN because of the compactness of the resort and the wonderful Negril beach. We are also in our 50ies. It seemed like more of a younger crowd at CSA when we were there - a lot of honeymooners but we did enjoy it but I think it's too spread out if you mom has issues with getting around. CN is your best bet.

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    sounds like you'd love Couples Negril
    CN-July 2006
    CSA-July 2009
    CSA-July 2011

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    We are returning to CN next month. It is compact and pretty much level, so your Mum (Mom) may well find that is better for her. I haven't been to the others yet and am seriously considering the other side of the Island next time. Other messages on here suggest CTI has a lot of steps and is quite Hilly, so that may not be a good choice for your parents. Wherever they go they will love it I am sure, but if mobility is an issue get them to try CN first.

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    It is too bad that your Mother has such restrictions. Even though I have not been to the other Couples resorts, I cant imagine them being as beautiful as CSS. CSS does offer transportation within the resort, but there still would be substantial walking. I am also positive you will not go wrong in selecting one of the other Couples resorts

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