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    Default Chad and Toni, getting married Aug. 21 at TI

    Crazy excited! Counting down the days and hoping I find a dress lol.

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    Default Aug. 22nd

    I'm getting married on the 22nd, when will you make it to CTI, we'll be there the 19th-26th

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    You both picked the perfect resort! You are in good hands with Latoya! She'll make sure your day is everything you ever dreamed it would be. My day was amazing!

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    And where do I find Latoya?

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    Default Congrats to you both

    Congrats on your special days....we getting married on the 13th of November on the beach....first time there and we are both will have to post details and pictures for us so we can have an idea of what our day may be like. Thanks and again Congrats!!!

    Stephanie and Peter.....CTI Nov. 13, 2009!

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