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    Default Couples blended/mixed/beer drinks - how would you rate?

    We absolutely love Couples! We also vacation outside of Jamaica to other beach resorts. We have an opinion on the comparison of the drink selection, but was wondering how everyone else would compare?

    Using 1-10 as a rating with 10 being the best how do you rate Couples drinks vs resorts outside of Jamaica?

    Blender Drinks:

    Mix Drinks:

    Beer Selection:
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    beer selection will be lacking compared to other islands. There is red stripe, red stripe light, Carib, and Miller lite. But red stripe there tastes so good as compared to the rs you get here. When in rome...

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    It will be a first at Couples but we usually order Bloody Mary's/Cesar at the resorts we visit... does couple serve these drinks?

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    Really? Does the "quality" of the alcohol concoctions really make that much difference in selecting a vacation destination? Not trying to make light of your question, I am not a big drinker, but isn't beer pretty much the same from place to place if you are drinking the same brand? And as far as mixed or blender drinks, it seems that the only one that has to meet any sort of quality standard or control is the first one. After that they pretty much just go down the hatch without much trouble. Seems to me if the beach is good, and the service is decent or better, the drinks are probably going to meet my qualifications.

    To answer your question: Fort Myers beach in Florida has a couple of great beach bars that meet my needs quite nicely. I give them a 9.

    But that's just me. I am curious to see what other resorts get scored on this thread.

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