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    Default do we really need to book catamaran trips and restaurants before we get there

    we are arriving on the 6th November and getting maried on the 13th November do we need to book restaurants and catamaran cruises before we arrive or will we be able to book them when we arrive and still get the trips and meals we want on the day we want? pet and julie

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    You CANNOT make restaurant reservations or reserve space on the Cat prior to your arrival. Depending upon your resort, stroll over to the concierge desk after you check in, and make a few restaurant and the cat reservations then. We've never had a problem getting restaurant reservations in 4 trips to CSA and 1 to CSS.

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    Are you talking about CSA? If so, we had no problem with reservations for either the restaurants or the catamaran. And if you have time, you can do the catamaran (or restaurants) more than once. Just be sure to sign up ahead of time. We found the staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful!

    Last Feb. photos from CSA catamaran and trip review here:

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    yes, you can't book anyting except for massages before you check in. Just remember you can reserve dinner reservations multiple times. I thought Lemmongrass was exceptionally delicious and wished we had eaten there first. Make sure you try the banana stuffed french toast.

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    Please relax and don't worry. There is no need to feel like you won't be able to enjoy everything. You will be able to do it all when you get to paradise.

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    Book your restaurants and water excursions when you check in, and don't pile up one day with all your activities, spread them out an r e l a x mon....

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