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Thread: CSA Oct 18-26th

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    Default CSA Oct 18-26th

    We be down celebrating our honeymoon on Oct 18-26th. My wife and I are both 26; names Steve and Lisette from Edmonton, Alberta. Hope to see some of you down there on the sunny beach!

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    Hi Steve,
    My husband, Steve, and I will be there from the 14th to the 21st, also Canadians!
    See you there!

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    We will be there from oct 16th - 23rd... me and my wife Rob and Maria I am 44 shes 49

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    We'll be there from Oct 17 - 27 we are getting married on the 20th 3 pm

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    Myself and my hubby from Ontario will be there Oct 24 - 31st. Looking forward to our first trip to a Couples resort and Negril.

    Hope everyone has a great time!

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    My husband and I will be there Oct 17th - 22nd. Hope to see you there. THis will be our first trip to CSA.

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