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    Default CSA Wifi, iPod Dock/Radios & TV Questions

    We'll be staying in a BFVS -

    Is the Wifi available IN THE ROOM? If so, any feedback on quality of signal? I'm a big fan of streaming Netflix, Pandora, Slacker and just curious if this will be an option or if I should bring DVDs and working on refining my own music playlists.

    How loud are the iPod dock/radios provided? I don't want to rock the neighbors out, but do like getting a groove on in the room at times.

    Regarding the TVs, are there inputs accessible to connect devices? Looking specifically to learn if there are video and audio RCA inputs for my digital cameras and aslo a VGA and headphone sized audio in for my computer? I like to review pictures on the big screen and have used my laptop to play DVDs on the TV in trips past.

    I doubt I'll be spending much time in the room, and if I'm in the room I will likley be enjoying other activities, but thought I'd ask. And, yes, I'm a geek!


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    WiFi is touch and go in the guest rooms. Our last stay (about a week ago) our first room had decent WiFi sometimes (and much better on the terrace) - we then had to change rooms due to flooding and got no reception in the second room. It's just luck of the draw.

    I can't answer the other questions...

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    I can't answer all of your questions but the iPod docks are great and pretty loud. We enjoyed listening to music when we were getting ready for dinner. We are also Netflix fans and are bringing some DVD's in case we want to watch something during a rain shower. There is WiFi in all the rooms now so you should not have any issues getting online.

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    We stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite last Feb. We had wi-fi in the room. We both brought laptops and there was room for both of them on the desk. I also sat on the patio often and accessed wi-fi from there!The signal dropped from time to time, but for the most part it was a strong connection and I was able to transfer/e-mail photos without a glitch.

    We had an iPod dock/charger in the room. Can't remember how far the volume could be turned up, but it was enough for us. I took a card reader for my camera and a plug-in USB port to allow for 4 extra ports (camera card reader, memory stick, etc.) Our pictures are here, and you'll see several of the room. We hardly used the TV, so I don't remember much at all about it.

    I'm sure you will have a wonderful time at CSA. We sure did!

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