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    Hi Everyone - live broadcast from CTI!

    We arrived late on Tuesday afternoon and have had glorious weather since- not a drop of rain.

    Everything is absolutley perfect the rooms are massive (and we just have a basic one), the food is amazing, and the staff are even better.

    Has some excellent entertainment last night and are looking forward to ten more days of heaven.

    Anyway must dash for another cocktail. Anything you guys want to know just let me know and i'll do my best to answer!

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    Is Byron still there working in the lobby? Tell him Mr. Griffin said what's up and I'll see him August 2011! Thanks and enjoy your trip!!

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    Just continue to enjoy the amazing food,staff and surroundings with your loved one!

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    Byron is still there and as friendly and welcoming as we heard he would be. To R&R from Syracuse, we told him you said hello and for the rest of the week he called us G&D for Gary & Debbie.

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    Awesome news! We leave in 24 hours. We can't wait!!!! First timers and are looking forward to this vacation more than our past vacations! Hope to run into you!! Thanks again for the update!!!

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    Have a great time..we Miss CTI and the wonderful staff, they treated us like family..I know you will enjoy every minute of your stay.
    Tell everyone that Mary & Julio, (Romeo & Julio) as they named us sends there love..especially Byron, and Latoya.

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