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    Default I don't know what's worse....

    Last year was our first time to Jamaica and to an AI, so it was ALL so new and exciting...reading this message board only increased the excitement. Now we are going back for our second trip and we KNOW how wonderful it is....not sure what's worse, knowing or not knowing, but what I do KNOW is that we are every bit as excited this year as last.....We arrive at CN on 11/13 and just CAN'T WAIT!

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    I understand completely, Last year was our first time too. Thought I had coupleitis bad then..... but it is so much worse now that I know. Only 242 days till the cure and I've been counting since we left CSA in June lol.

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    We have our fifth trip to CSA booked for April 2011. The first time was so wonderful (obviously) that we made three more return trips, with number five coming up. Each time we went back I would think to myself that maybe this time I will finally get my fill of this place, but that has not happened. I actually believe each trip has gotten better! We know what to expect now. We have made friends with staff members and keep in touch with some of them.

    After the first trip, while we were on the airplane headed home, we were already thinking about going back and decided there is no good reason why we couldn't afford a trip like that every year. Our first trip was in April 2006 for my daughter's wedding. We have only missed one year since then (the year we decided to buy a lake house). There are enough activities included so we can be as busy, or not busy, as we like. I have compared the total cost of other resorts (we like to scuba dive) and the Couples resorts always win for value.

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    Same here,1st trip was well beyond our expectations and now waiting to go back in April is just torture..

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