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    Default Randy? Caesers for the Canadians?

    Hi Randy - we are heading to Couples Sans Souci for 2 weeks this December.
    I understand the bars don't stock clamato juice, and therefore do not make one of Canadians' favourite drinks.
    Is it possible to request the bars start stocking the caeser ingredients for we Canadians?
    Looking forward to your reply.

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    hoping to hear from you, Randy.

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    Default Caesar Mix Request

    I will add my voice as another who would really love to see Clamato Juice added at the bars (at least a few) so that Canadians can enjoy their favourite drink!
    We were at CSA last year and they had Clamato (Motts - a very good brand) in the minibars, but Canadians pound Caesars back like water! I couldn't believe that the actual bars in the restaurant or beach didn't carry it. It is a really simple thing to provide. It is both an alcoholic drink and a non alcoholic drink.
    We will be bach at CSA in Feb 2011 and I would love to be able to say "Another Caesar please?".

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    What is a Caeser?

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    A Caeser is closely related to a Bloody Mary.

    It has Clamato (Tomato juice with clam juice), Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and vodka.

    Would love to see Clamato by the end of the month at Couples - we're doing SR and don't know where we're heading.

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    Not just for Canadians... My husband and I love Caeser's and always for Canadians when we arrive as they will know which bar if any is serving these up!

    We are from Ohio (less then an hour from the Canada border!)

    We are CTI bound in January - would love to see Clamato juice.

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    I had to chuckle when I saw this post..... Yes, us Canadians like our Caesars, and aren't afraid to ask for what we like

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    We are going to be at CN in Jan/Feb and we also cast another vote for Mott's Clamato juice!! Not only for Caesar's but also for a good red better cure for the night before!!

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    Yes Yes Caesar's PLEASE!!! It's my "good morning!! Mmmmm i'm no longer hungover' drink!! My Hubby (by the time we get there) and i LOVE them and will be at CN for 10 days through the middle of October....anything you could do to get these ingredients would be AMAZING!!!

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    Take a few cans along with you!

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    Nothing better than vodka, clamato, salt, pepper, lime and lemon.....yummo!
    (At home I also add some pickled asparagus!)

    Keep the requests coming,guys....we just might get our caesers

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    And to think, "I could of had a V8"

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    We have brought some with us before but that can get awfully heavy in your suitcase especially when you go for two weeks!! Please Couples supply it at your bars!!

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    And a little worchestershire and a few shots of hot sauce. Yummy!!

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    I'm from Ohio and I love a "bloody mary" made with clamato!! I use the the spicy absolute vodka, worchestershire sauce, a little salt and pepper a small wedge of lime and celery salt around the rim of the glass. Maybe a pickle spear. or olives. YUM
    One Love,

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    I *love* Caesars too (it's definitely a Canadian thing)! However, since I have easy access to them at home, I try to drink more "Jamaican" stuff on the island - - like rum cream!!

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    I didn't realize there wouldn't clamato, this is no good... Heading out in November and was looking forward to a couple caesars on the beach. And if your gonna buy Mott's clamato you may as well buy the celery seasoning salt for the rims

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    they had clamato in the room minibar
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    In Jamaica, you really need to sub Pickapeppa for the Worcestershire.

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    I drink Bloody Mary's occassionally as well, but the Clamato helps cut the thickness of the drink relative to Tomato Juice. I am glad to see some Americans like the drink as well. The Minibars have the Clamato for sure, but all you can make in your room is a "poor boy" Caesar. The bars have all the makings for a Caesar (except the Celery Salt) which is a very small sacrifice. I sure hope that the Couples folks are reading this Thread!!

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    Yes please!!!! Would love to be able to have a couple at the beach. It is pretty hard to pack enough for a 2 week stay. Besides, don't really feel like carting a bottle around with us.

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    Don't share my info from the other thread. From the looks of this there is going to be a Clamato shortage on the island before we get back. I'm still bringing my own horseradish. Just have to get the Dragon Stout on ice!

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    Waiting to hear if you can help us, Randymon.

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    Kegger - I have never tried horseradish - that sounds gooooood.

    When are you going?

    We will be there Dec. 4th for 13 days.

    Hope we will get our caesers!

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    Hubby and I loved finding Clamato in the bar fridge last time we visited CSA, and we also tried ordering Caesars at various bars, never with any luck. Couldn't really make a true Caesar without the rim salt and worcestershire sauce though, so we might just have to take some with us on our upcoming trip. As true Canadians, I think the bars should definitely stock up on Clamato - not only for us, but I'm sure many Americans would try and love our unofficial national drink as well!

    Nat and Bill
    CN July 2006
    CSA January 2008, January 2009 & December 2009
    Secret Rendezvous. . .December 1 - 10 2010!

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