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    Default CN - 1st, 2nd or 3rd Floor

    Just wondering which floor would be best to stay on in the garden rooms? I know you can't make specific requests but I was thinking you can ask for a specific floor? Any suggestions?

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    We have always requested (through our TA) an upper floor at CSA & CN and we got them. When we stay at CSS it's always in a penthouse. I think they may have more requests for ground floors but i'm not positive about that. We prefer the privacy of an upper floor. I don't like to close the drapes and close out the beautiful view and tropical breeze. We also respect the other guests... lol.

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    Visiting css for the first time in march 2011 for our 25th anniversary,have booked ocean view room did have beach front but reading the post's seems like view is better at ocean view can anyone give us some clarity on this? also like to have morming coffee on lounger are they on all the balcony's?

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    We have always stayed on the first floor at CN because of my multiple back and knee surgeries, I have not had an issue obtaining a first floor room during our checkin. I would prefer probably an upper room if I did not have my physical ailments as it probably does give you much more privacy as others have stated.

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    while you cant request a room beforehand, once you arrive if you want a different room just ask when checking in and they will go over whats available, at that point you can try to get a certain room, floor or building. At least that worked for me.

    As for what floor is best, we always take 3 as you have a nice balcony and view of the gardens and ponds. Very relaxing as you can sit an enjoy a morning coffee and be level with the palm branches. Later in the day its nice to sit out during the rains and enjoy a ting or two...

    Some pick 1 as they can walk right out, that could be good too. Ive seen some smokers who can walk out and wander a bit rather than be trapped on a 4x10 balcony....

    Not sure what the appeal of 2 is other than its a shorter set of stairs than 3 yet you are off the ground floor and again closer to the palm branches, however dont count on a lot of sunlight as you are pretty much below must branches

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    We've stayed on all three floors and there are advantages/disadvantages to each.

    First floor is easy access -- walk right onto the grass, path or beach -- has a patio vs. balcony, best water pressure, and no stairs. Disadvantage is that, for some rooms, folks can see in, especially at night, so you'll need to keep your drapes closed. And, you're lower to the ground so harder to see the beach unless you're on it.

    Third floor, being highest, arguably has the best views. No one is above you and it would be harder for someone to see into your room, even at night. You can watch birds and lizards in the trees. On the downside, it requires two flights of stairs every time you go to/from your room (which can be a good thing after meals!). Some say there can be water pressure issues but we've never experienced any.

    Second floor is in between these in almost all respects. It can be a nice "compromise" between stairs and views, etc.

    If mobility is NOT an issue, IMO, it's largely personal preference.

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    Default CN Gardenview Room

    Here was the view from our third floor room. We stayed on the beach all day and loved returning to our tropical treehouse every evening.
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    My husband and I love the top floors at CN. We ask and get the top floor every time. It doesn't matter which building, all are awesome. We dont mind the walk uo either, after all the rich food any extra excersise is a good thing.
    One Love,

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    We prefer 2nd level the most. It has less stairs than 3rd, and it still allows us to leave our balcony door open at night to listen to the ocean and tree frogs, which you cannot do on 1st.

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