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    Default First timer to AN at CTI...LOVED IT!!!

    Yup the message boards were dead on!! We just got back from CTI and went to the island on our 2nd day and kept going till we had to leave for home.
    I had to talk and talk my wife into going for just 30 minutes to say we did it. I made the deal if she didn't like it we would head back and i would never bring it up again. So as we waited for the boat to take us to the island i almost backed out.
    Once we got to the island I had my mind made up to go to the left by the pool and just go all in. we must have picked the busiest time because the only spot left was all the way out on the very right side. We set up shop and dropped everything. Almost instantly there was a huge relief of "this isn't any different than the other beach". After getting the sunscreen on i walked over to the bar to grab a couple drinks which i drank standing there because i was approached by a group about a tattoo i had. We talked about everything under the sun for about 30 minutes, and it felt like i was talking to someone like i was at a dinner table or one of the bars on the resort. After getting a couple more drinks i walked back to our chairs and relaxed with my wife.
    We chose to go down into the ocean to cool off because the pool was packed and i'm not sure if anymore could fit in it. lol
    I have to say to anyone wondering about trying the AN thing...DO IT!! We went to the island a couple more times and also did the trading places at CSS. I would say i liked CSS better just because of the larger pool and the grill. But i think the island made for the perfect "beginner" atmosphere.
    There are people of all sizes and shapes. That was the one thing my wife was the most worried about, after having two babies not everything is where she would like it to all she wants to do is head to the AN areas at CSS or CN.
    All i can say is was a great experience that i look forward to in Dec. when we go to CN. We met some of the most amazing people while on the island or at CSS.

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    Once you go ... you know !!!

    Congrats on becoming a member of the Free Willy Club !!!

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    We had the exact same experience as you! We will now only vacation where there is Au Natural available. we too did a swap day to CSS and fell in love with Sunset Beach. I'm glad you 2 decided to try it.

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    Glad you enjoyed you first time, my wife was the same way.

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    Excellent review of - the way it really is. I was hooked after after my 1st time. Sounds like you two jumped right in!

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    Sorry that we kept your wife waiting on her drink but it was a very good tat of your babies. Glad you guys had fun, Spidy

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    Default problem mon Thanks for making us feel at ease. Can't wait to hit the AN at CN in Dec.

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    We just returned from CTI and I am actually crying as I write this. We went to the island and I had actually started the thread before we left of Perfect bodies....Jeff and I(Debbie) met so many AMAZING people out there. I was uncomfortable at first when we went out on Tuesday. He was threatening to go without me. Within minutes of getting in the pool, the most friendly woman came up to me and introduced herself. Little did we know that we would end up having so much fun with her and her husband. Of course I am speaking of Cynthia and Fred. We also met Brett and Jeannie who will be in our constant prayers from the minute we met them. Darci and Jim were also a blast. We had met people on the "mainland" and they came out with us many for the first time. We had a blast with them and I think they will be repeaters as we will. 8 of us acutally spent our last night AN in the buddah pool as no one wanted wet swimsuits to go home the next day. Thank you to all of you who were there the week of the 18-25 you made our week so special. We WILL see you again. Jeff and Debbie

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    Jeff and Debbie,
    It was great meeting you all as well. The island is a very natural, welcoming and friendly place. We also had a great time as always. But you left a day early. On either thursday or friday night we set a new record for au naturel people in the buddah pool-30 people. I'm going to do a post about it hopefully tonight. Remember people, au naturel is in fact very natural, and naked people are more friendly.

    Fred and Cynthia

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    Actually you guys did that on Thursday because I was ill and Jeff played a part of it. We were in the buddah pool on friday with three other couples from like 9- after 10"30 and yes , AN

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    Fred and Cynthia,
    I couldn't agree more that naked people are more friendly. Why is that?


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    Hey guys. We were there for the 31 people or at least jeff was. That was thursday. we all 8 of us were in the buddah pool from about 10-12:30 on Friday night. We figured we were on the island so why not take the AN to the pool. Didnt want to have wet suits to go home.

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    We were the couple in the pool that 28 of you joined to set the record! What a memory--and story! Just wish WE'D taken a picture!

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    Yes, I remember meeting you, Debbie--your story of the horseback ride was a factor in my decision to scuba dive, instead. I most enjoyed meeting you and Jeff--you'll be among my pleasant memories of the island along with Fred & Cynthia and Darcy & Jim. What a wonderful time that was. We're already making plans as to how we can come back.

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    jim and paula. the island holds many of my best memories from this trip. almost two weeks later and i still got tears when i read your post. we are trying to go back the same time next year. debbie and jeff

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    My husband and I just returned from our first time to CSS (and basically my first true AN adventure). The first day we went to SSB and found a couple of lounge chairs on the beach and read for a couple of hours. Then hubby finally got me to go to the swim up bar, and we never looked back. Met great people who truly seemed interested in us as people. We had a blast with Jheneal, who kept our drinks full. The food was great. Went back again Tuesday, and again had a wonderful day. Wednesday we went to CTI. The boat wasn't working for awhile so it took a couple of hours for us to get to the island (getting drenched in the process due to the water chop). The colors of the water were beautiful, and it's a nice place, but it was extremely low key, with very few people and no one really wanted to interact. The bartender was very nice, however. We went back to CSS and immediately went to SBB, where we were greeted like long lost friends! Turns out, 14 couples from CTI had traded places, and SBB was rocking that day! Spent another two days hanging at the beach and by the pool. I won't say that I was totally comfortable nude, I just kind of ignored it. I will say no one made me feel awkward or out of place despite all my flab and stretch marks! Would I do it again? You betcha! We will try to find some time as soon as possible to go again. Thanks to everyone who welcomed us and made us feel like we belonged.

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    I had not known this, but stretch marks do NOT tan...but never's all good.

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    Peggyweggy once told me "tan fat is better than not tan fat". Peggyweggy is a wise woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It sounds like the island was packed and that CTI is picking back up. My wife and I love being on the island and the people that you meet out there are absolutely amazing. Hawk I have one correction the people that you meet on the island or at CSS are way more easy to talk to and hang out with than the people at the bar. We will be out there every day from June 2 thru the 12, 2010! and we are counting the days.

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