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    I was looking at the daily activities list and it says on Wednesday at 10:30pm they have the bonfire and one man band. Is that the only day they have the bonfire?

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    Yes, and it it worth doing. The musician was excellent and the bonfire is huge. Before you arrive they position the loungers in a large circle around the fire. They have blankets available and drinks. It is a very mellow atmosphere, and very enjoyable.

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    very romantic dance with your love under the moon.

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    The bonfire was wonderful. I was expecting a beach party but it wasn't like that. They had lounge chairs, two-by-two, around the fire. The singer was excellent. We got there too late to get lounge chairs but they handed out blankets so we just spread our blanket in the sand and looked at the stars. We were lucky because it was so clear that night, we could see the Milky Way. Very romantic.

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