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    Default Great House Verandah Room question!

    Seeing that the Great House Verandah rooms are near everything, is noise a factor at night?

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    ....we have stayed in the GHVS and they are simply wonderful. We did notice some restaurant noise in the evening at dinnertime (i.e. dishes/voices), but by 9PM it was usually peaceful enough to sit outside with a drink and listen to the waves. Plus, most of these rooms have a lovely view of the ocean, it was great having the internet lounge nearby, and we loved being near the grill for a latenight snack. Have a wonderful wedding!!

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    We always stay at the Great House and usually have no problems with noise. However, one year there was a very loud group of people who came strolling in around 1am and were yelling down the halls. That only lasted a couple of nights as they were a part of a group wedding.
    We love the Greathouse as it has nice views and as you said, it's close to most everything.
    We are going next month and book GHVS again!
    Enjoy your trip.

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    Hi firewoman_911,
    Hi from Whitby! When will you be going to CSA? Trust me, you're going to love it and will be back!
    As to your question about the greathouse, I want to echo what busymom and tonia_hanlon said. My husband and I have stayed in a GHVS the last 2 years, and never had a problem with noise. We were the first room down the hall from the piano lounge and internet lounge and never found people noisy and actually didn't hear anything at all.
    I'm a pretty heavy sleeper but my husband is a light sleeper and never complained about noise, either at night or in the morning.
    I hope that helps!

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