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    Default Randy, What a Great Interview - TakeOffEh :)

    Randy, I wished I'd known in advance that you'd be talking to us up here in Toronto I sure would have called in.

    I came home from work and listened to the replay and have to say, I learned several things that only cement our choice of Couples for our anniversary.

    Wonderful interview.

    Thanks so much



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    Thanks Sue,

    It was alot of fun. I hope to do it again next year.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randy - We also enjoyed the show very much, and were lucky enough to have one of our e-mail questions that we sent in read on the air. We were waiting, holding our breath, at the end of the show for our phone to ring, but it didn't!!

    If you do that show again next year, we'll be sure to be listening in again! It was a great way to showcase Couples, the best resorts in Jamaica!

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    Great interview. I really enjoyed listening to it.

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    As usual, you have put Couples into a great light
    Keep up the good work

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    Listening to it right now. Nice Randymon. Hopefully, someday you'll travel to the Milwaukee area, be interviewed by a local radio show (in the dead of winter), and we'll have the pleasure of the same kind of experience. Heck, if you & Deb come to Milwaukee, Sal & I'll take you out to dinner @ our favorite restaurant! Razzl

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