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    Default Is there a charge for certain activities ?

    I see many different activities schedules posted on line. Are there extra charges to participate in the craft classes such as Basket Weaving & Bamboo Carving, Clay doll Making Class or Tie Dye and Hat Weaving Class? Do we need to bring something to tie dye or are shirts provided or available to purchase ?

    This will be our first visit to Couples and I am not quite sure where we will in 10 days as I booked a Secret Rendezvous. But I am so excited as all four resorts look great.


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    I think there is a charge for the t-shirts, or I am sure you could bring your own white T-Shirts to decorate. There may be a slight charge for materials for the other classes, too. I've never participated in those activities but they do sound like fun. We, too, are doing the SR November 2. Please let us know which resort you'll be going to. I know any of them will be great!

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    We did shell painting and wood carving. There is no charge, but these people are outside vendors and not Couples employees, so we felt obligated to tip them. It was still lots of fun and we didn't mind paying them for their time.


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