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    Default Traveling to Jamaica

    My Fiance and I are planning a trip to CSA for our honeymoon this upcoming summer. I've been doing some research on traveling to Jamaica and it appears in May there was a warning on traveling to Jamaica. Does anyone know anything about that and is it still in effect?

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    In May there was a warning about travel to Kingston, Jamaica. It seemed that a drug gangster had created a problem in a 10 block area in Kingston. From what I understand that issue was settled.

    Just to let you it had nothing to do with the resort areas on the north or southshore of Jamaica.

    Nothing to worry about then or now

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    Default no worries mon

    the warning was in regards to what American media referred to as "civil unrest" in Kingston. Couples and most tourist areas were unaffected, and from what the locals told us on our June honeymoon, the whole scenario was blown way out of proportion. I experienced no problems when going and doubt you would at this point in time.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    I think the trouble in Kingston is over, And CSA is far enough away that it isnt anything to worry about. We went in June and everything was wonderful

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    I am not aware of any travel warning to Jamaica. Wife and I just returned on Saturday. I will say that security at Dunns River Falls is present. You will possibly see military personnel carrying automatic weapons. That is because it is the largest tourist attraction on the island. But you would see this in any major airport in Europe.
    When my wife and I entered the country, going through customs was very easy. When leaving, that was totally different. It seems that mostly MEN are profiled for extensive security measures. I was patted down and my luggage was opened at the first security checkpoint. The gentleman who did this was extremely rude. Then upon boarding the aircraft, I was stopped again. This search was was even more intense. Again I was patted down with my hands in the air. They again tore through my luggage, throwing my belongings all over a table. The woman then told me to repack my belongings and board the plane. I am positive that the purpose of the additional search was that they were looking for drugs. I would assume that catching someone with drugs is a huge revenue source for the government. I am sure they would fine you thousands of dollars if you were caught.
    Like I said before, they seemed to target only men regardless of age. I am 58 years old, and wouldnt think I would fit the profile of someone trying to smuggle drugs.
    But please do not let this experience keep you from going to Jamaica. I would go back in a heartbeat. To describe our stay at CSS in one word, it would have to be "MAGICAL". The resort was breath taking, and the Jamaican people are the best in the world.
    I hope this helps

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    No... this warning was because of some issues going on in Kingston but that is on the other side of the island. You are so removed from any of that. Don't overthink. The resorts are safe, as well as any excursions off the resort. Have a great time!

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    there's lots of problems in Arizona, don't go to's about the same thing with Jamaica

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