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    So many marley songs I love three little birds but I have to go with Could you be loved.
    Erika & Sean

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    Default My favorite

    This song by Richie Stephens does it for me. Although it is relatively new as my wife and I have been coming to couples for the last 10 years or so, it is my current favorite. I hope you all like it too. I only had the chorus running through my head as I am a musician and a "hook man" so I had to ask on the message board who had performed this song. Voila, I had an answer the next day!!! anyway here is Richie Stephens loving up our second home. Please listen to this and bring it with you to Jamaica on your respective ipods... This is why we all love Couples and even more importantly the people of Jamaica.

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    Default song.

    Now that's a great song, I love it! Thanks for sharring.

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    Ooooops I forgot the link !!!

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    Default Here's The link

    You have to advance this a bit for the song to start.

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