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    We are going to either CSS or CTI in August 2011
    we can't us! they both seem perfect

    IT will be our first AN experience and we are both so excited to enjoy that freedom

    we heard that weather can cause issues with the boat to the island on CTI...and that CSS has more stuff to do on the AN side...a pool, hot tub and bar and grill vs. pool and bar.

    BUT. CTI has more inclusions included...horseback riding and a catamaran

    HELP...where should we go. It's our 20th anniversary and we NEVER had a trip this grand just the two of us. Excited doesn't begin to describe it!!!


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    Our suggestion would be CSS, perhaps the most romantic resort in the Caribbean! If you'd like, send us an e-mail to , and we'll send you all kinds of information about CSS, and some pictures from our 2 trips there.

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    Hi bobkat,

    We're going in April. Going through same decision process.

    We have pretty well settled on CSS because of the facilities around the AN area that you cited.

    BTW - don't discount Negril as an option. If it is your 1st AN experience, CN has a nice intimate AN area that allows you to 'hide' a little from textile gawkers, without being located too far away from the resort. The beach and AN hot-tub at CN are nice too. The only disadvantage is the mad dash between the AN area and the ocean, if you're self-conscious. (Mad dashes can be decent exercise though if you enjoy the buffet!)

    A couple we met last year felt that the AN area of each resort was not necessarily better or worse; just different.

    I suppose that the blend of physical layout, services provided, and proximity to water each produce a different social dynamic among the AN crowd at each resort.

    You may simply have no choice but to try each one over the next three years to finally decide! That's what we're gonna do.

    Have fun.


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    We have been to both spots in the past year (for the first time at each).

    First off...both resorts are polar opposites. CTI is more of a boutique hotel with modern amenities and has a "hotel feel" because, well, it's setup more like a hotel. CSS is your tropical resort and is REALLY spread out which makes for fun walks and exploring. At CTI, you'll see people wherever you go. At CSS you can have places to yourself. CTI is very updated, CSS is not as much (but still nice).

    Now...the important part, the AN facilities...CTI is GREAT, the island is really fun and the smaller nature lends itself very nicely to socialization and you've "been to the island" which almost makes you better than the rest of the guests because they all look out and wish they had the guts to go but didn't. I guess CTI is now bringing food over but they didn't have it back in January and we actually went and brought food over for Damion the bartender because he had a long night and needed some grub.

    CSS is an AMAZING AN facility and has a large pool and large beach so you can be as social or alone as you want to be. There is a shallow (1'+/-) of the pool which is nice for sunning in the water and it is deeper (4-5'ish) at the pool bar. There is a buffet (very good BTW) at lunchtime which is great. We spent the entire time as SSB for 4 days while at CSS and had a blast with all our new friends.

    If (better when) we come back to Couples we will most likely stay at CSS and do a trading places to CTI. We did this the last time but it was really windy at CTI and we couldn't go to the island so we hopped right back on the bus to CSS where it was pretty calm.

    The first time we went to CTI you couldn't even use the island for the first 4 days however the last 2 were an absolute blast. If you do go to CTI and you can't use the island, talk to the manager and i'm sure he will give you a free trading places to CSS so you can experience AN for the first'll never go back!

    Happy Vacationing!

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    Thank you all! CSS we think is the place for us...I decided if I am going to be AN...I am going to be hiding! Can't wait!!!

    and for all that CSS has to offer of course.LOL

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    My wife and I are heading to CSS mid-November for our first AN experience.

    We went to CSA in June last year, and decided that we wanted to experience all that Couples has to offer, so we're doing the tour of all 4 locations in JA.

    We chose CSS specifically for the AN facilities, because it offers what we perceive as the most privacy for vacationers like us, who are new to AN.

    We have already booked CTI for Nov. 2011, and will finish off the tour in 2012 at CN.

    The order that we chose WAS intentional, in that we went to CSA first because it was the location that spoke to us the most. We also originally had no intention of going AN, but after going to CSA and deciding that we wanted to see the other properties as well, this brought about the conversation of AN because the other 3 properties offer that.

    We decided that we would partake in everything that each property has to offer, and that includes AN. So, that meant that we would have to decide which property to go to next. Our decision was to check out CSS next, because as I mentioned, it offers what appears to us as the most privacy for AN first timers.

    As I said, we are booked for CTI next year, and we will go and check out the Island, so long as we aren't freaked out by our experience at CSS (doubt that!) and then will check out CN.

    I can't say how we will feel about going AN @ CN, but I will say that our trepidations at first was the traffic along the water line from the other resorts.

    Anyways, I can't wait, only 43 days to go!


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    CSS AN facilities at SSB are the BEST!

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    My wife and I are newbies at the AN experience but plan to take the plunge per se. From the blogs I've read CSS/SSB provides the easiest of the resorts to ease into it with its privacy. Nice having all the facts (ie dress to and from, et al) suggestions up front.

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    Jay&Jen - When you were at CSA last year, did you do the trading places and go to CN for the day? When you get back from CSS, let us know how it all went, and how you enjoyed SSB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenON View Post
    Jay&Jen - When you were at CSA last year, did you do the trading places and go to CN for the day? When you get back from CSS, let us know how it all went, and how you enjoyed SSB!
    Well, considering all the things Couples has to offer in the way of inclusions, we had the intention of doing a LOT of things when we were at CSA. But, we never actually got around to doing most of them.

    We got caught up in the Jamaican way of life, and just decided to go with the flow each day. That meant that most of the time, we just relaxed and did whatever the day brought.

    We are chatting about doing a day at CTI when we head to CSS in a month, but we are on the fence about it. We're booked for CTI for Nov. 2011, and we're not sure that we want to ruin the surprise of seeing the resort for the first time!

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