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    Default Questions about the resort....

    Ok so we will arrive Oct 10 and stay till 15th. We are soooo excited about our honeymoon to CTI!!! We have never been to a resort before or really took a trip like this. So I have a couple questions for the professionals !!!
    1. When it says all inclusive does it really mean all inclusive? For example, the Dunns River Falls, catamaran boat ride, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat ride are all included....we don't have to pay anything? Just tips?

    2. Do they serve miller light?

    3. Can you take drinks to the beach? Are there people that bring them to you?

    4. How safe is the town around the resort? Can we go have dinner off the resort and not have to worry?

    5. If it is raining are there other activities?

    6. Has anyone done the zip line or the jamaican bobsled excursions (offered outside of resort)?

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    1-3: Yes

    4. Use common sense and you'll be fine.

    5. Yes

    6. Can't comment.

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    The only thing you will pay for are scuba certification, off site excursions i.e., bobsled, & zip line, or if you book a beachside dinner it's extra.

    There is NO tipping allowed, unless it is your transportation from the airport that you may tip the driver. On site if resort staff are caught accepting tips they can lose their job...there are ways to show appreciation (tagged w/name gift bags for staff attending your room, bartenders, etc.)

    Red flag service for drinks on the beach...but you may also get drinks from any of the bars and take them with you.

    Off site shopping trips to towns are set up through the resort that you can either sign up for or just show up at the allotted time and go...the people want to make you happy nothing to fear trust me! You may want to go to clubs off site, and I'd recommend cabbing it just to be safe.

    If it's not going to last long...the two times we've been to CN I think we had one afternoon that had a heavy downpour that may have lasted a half hour tops...good time to head to the room for a "nap"...or hang out at one of the bars or do lunch!

    You will have such a good will want to book another trip while you ride the goodbye bus for your return trip back to the airport!

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    1. Yes everything is included... but there is no tipping. Tips are also included except for the excursions, spa, and shuttle employees.
    2. yes
    3. Yes/Yes (Flag service)
    4. For the most part it is safe but I would not travel at night by yourself. We actually had a scare in Ocho Rios our first time there (like 7 years ago though). But we have not experiences anything like that since. You can eat where ever you want, on the resort or off the resort.
    5. Yes. There is always something to do. Especially on your honeymoon! lol
    6. The zipline is AWESOME and worth the money. It is the best excursion we ever did. Never did the bobsled though.

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    Jeeze, I can't believe I missed the tip part.

    OP: <-Read!

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    Default Thanks

    Thank yall for the responses. They really helped!! We are VERY excited about our trip to Couples. The place sounds like a blast!!

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    ....and yet another question...Any fishing trips available in ocho rios?

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    Just one note on the tipping: you can and should tip the catamaran cruise guys. And they are not shy about asking, so make sure you have a few $$ with you when you go. Other than that, all answers above are correct.

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    The bobsled/zipline/canopy "tranopy" excursion was a lot of fun, although I thought one of the more pricey-er excursions we have done in Ocho Rios. At the top of Mystic Mountain there is a water slide and pool that looks over the bay where the cruise ships come in and it's quite the view. We wish we had brought a towel, camera and maybe some water or snacks with us. Tranopy up through the rainforest wasn't all that exciting (think skiing chair lift over trees). The visitor center at the top has a nice display about Jamaican history (Olympians, rum,etc) and a cute gift shop. There is a bar/grill as well. Bobsled is fun, but you'll probably wish the ride was longer. You can buy more passes at the top, but you'll need cash or credit. The zipline was a trip. They suit you up and will take your bag/backpack down to the base for you. The guides are crazy fun. If you are afraid of heights, it is NOT the excursion for you. Keep in mind, off-resort excursions take most of the day, and since you have a short stay (like we did) it will be hard to enjoy everything the resort offers (spa, snorkel, watersports, lay on the beach, etc..)and do multiple trips. We're staying for 7 days on our next trip in Feb 2011 so we will have more not-so-busy time. Whatever you decide, I am sure you will have a great time!

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