Ok so we will arrive Oct 10 and stay till 15th. We are soooo excited about our honeymoon to CTI!!! We have never been to a resort before or really took a trip like this. So I have a couple questions for the professionals !!!
1. When it says all inclusive does it really mean all inclusive? For example, the Dunns River Falls, catamaran boat ride, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat ride are all included....we don't have to pay anything? Just tips?

2. Do they serve miller light?

3. Can you take drinks to the beach? Are there people that bring them to you?

4. How safe is the town around the resort? Can we go have dinner off the resort and not have to worry?

5. If it is raining are there other activities?

6. Has anyone done the zip line or the jamaican bobsled excursions (offered outside of resort)?