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    Default August 19-26, 2011

    We went and booked it, have you? This will complete the foursome! Been to CSA 3 times, CSS once and CTI once, and now finally CN!!!

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    Bearso...would love to read a review when you return, especially since you've completed the foursome!! We've done CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008-2010 (and also a "S" resort once, but returned faithfully to Couples).
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    I will absoluty write are review and will do my best to compare the 4 Great Resorts. Without having gone to CN, I do know a lot about it and feel we will like it a lot but possibly not love it like we do CSA and CSS. We will see. Such a long time to wait. Oh well just more time to hone the body and work on a nice tan before we go...

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    Barry, The 6 pack will be at CN from 8/20 -8/29, so we will see you there.

    Greg is flying from texas to my house this weekend and spending a few days.

    Enjoyed seeing you last year when we visted CSS.

    Jay & Jennifer

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    Cool! Tell Greg howdy. Looking forward to seeign you guys down there. This is our first trip to CN so you will need to show us the ropes...

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    Default We are doing the same


    We will be at CN this year from the 20-29 and same next year. In addition we are going to CSS in March 2011.

    Been to CTI 3X, CN 2X and CSA 2X. Once we do the CSS trip we will have completed the Grand Slam. Did the day trip there last year when we met up with you.

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    Barry...Jaybo....I am so ready for CN this year. It will be my 4th trip to CN, 2 X CTI and 1 X CSA.....Plus trading places dat at CSS in 2009.....This is gonna be the year of all years.....Count down has started...its under a month.....Woo hoooooooooo

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    ONE YEAR TO GO FROM TODAY!!!!!! 8-19-10 to 8-19-11

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    We are also scheduled for August 2011 along with our newfie friends. Time can't seem to pass fast enough...Our dates are 08/01/11-08/08/11.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    We just returned from our 3rd trip to CSS, have also been to CSA and CTI once a piece. We are booked August 20-27, 2011 to complete the set too!


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    AAS, Cool! We will see you there. Where are you from. We are from San Diego and are a middle aged (Oh, did I just say that? Wash my mouth out with soap) couple. Been married 18 years this past August 22. August 2011will be 19 years and we return 2012 to CSA for the big 20th!!!! Barry 56 and Patty 45. We really don't look, feel or act that old....

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    Amy & Scott from Dallas - we are early middle aged And we have 2 little boys so we feel very old (or maybe just tired) right now!


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    ASA Well I guess it is likely that we will meet you guys in a year at CN!

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    Airbell96, we will be there they same time. We are spending a few days at CSS and then will be at CN on the 31st of July. This will be our 7th trip to CN - only 266 days to go.

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    Blondie: We are getting so excited! Time just isn't passing fast enuf for me..I had to get off the messageboard for awhile just to see if that would speed things didn't!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Default CN first time August 2011

    Hi all,
    We are also "middle-aged" (ages 45 and 41), from NY, and will be at CN from 8/17/11-8/23/11. We are very excited to go and are looking forward to experiencing Jamaica for the first time. This will also be our first time to an all-inclusive resort. We are counting down the days to our trip and it's helping us get through this cold and snowy winter!

    We're looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends during our vacation, too!


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    D&J Looking forward to meeting you guys. Please try to not drink all the good stuff before we get there on the 19th... You will love the All Inclusive way to vacation, Jamaica and Couples.... Stay warm!

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    HELLO ... AIRBELL96 We are newbies.rriving on JULY 30,2011-August7,2011hope to see you there,JOHN & ERNESTINE

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