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    Default What to wear to the AN beach/hot tub maybe this is a newbee question and maybe all you veterans are going to laugh...if you are, enjoy the laugh, then pls answer my question! The question is...what do the women where from their room to the AN beach or hot tub? This is our first trip to Couples and we're so looking forward to it. I want my wife to be totally comfortable with the AN experience. I thought maybe I should encourgae here to go shopping and get a nice robe that she would be comfortable wearing to and from. I'd like suggestions from the ladies who have Couples experience!! What do you say?

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    shorts, tshirts,sundressed, swimsuits....regular clothes til you get there, then disrobe.
    Jamie & David
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    We go to CTI.I usually wear my bathing suit under shorts & a tee or terry cover-up.If you go back to the mainlland for lunch, you need something other than a bathing suit to eat in th patio restaurant.
    Also, if your wife has never done the AN experience and decides it is not for her, she will have her suit on in case she wants to return to the mainland textile beach.My husband says it cracks him up that I put on a bathing suit to go to the neked island and take it off.LOL

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    Usually, women wear their bathing suits and a cover-up....just as they would if going to the textile side. Usually, once you are on the AN beach, you stay there all day; so, when you want to leave for lunch, you put on your suit and cover-up, go to lunch, and return to the AN beach.
    Sometimes at night, when one uses the AN hot tub, you can come out in just the terrycloth robe that Couples provides in your room.

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    You should check out the AN message board and ask any questions...

    However I would suggest that you book in building 9 or 6, they are closest to the AN beach. In the day just wear bathing suit and cover up over to AN section, find a lounger and disrobe when ready.

    At night you could wear a robe, some will walk over in the robe Couples provides. If you are in building 9 there is a direct access to the AN area and you might be comfortable with that especially if going over to the hot tub at night.

    have fun...


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    We wear a swim suit and a robe if you want....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdbeach View Post
    . . . . The question is...what do the women [wear] from their room to the AN beach or hot tub? . . . .
    A swimsuit and cover-up.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    They have robes in the room. They work great

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    I always wear a bikini and cover up to the a/n beach. My husband loves to ask me "which bikini I am NOT going to wear" each day! You need to have something appropriate in case you go back to the other side for lunch.

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    Wear your bathing suit and take it off once you are there!

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    It's our first time too, or will be in August. I am planning on wearing my beach cover up.

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    If you're at CN, wear something you will be comfortable wearing for a walk on the beach. At CSS or CTI wear something you will be comefortable walking around the textile portion of the resort where you're not relaxing at the AN facilities. For a journey to the hot tub at night, a robe is fine, and she can wear something under the robe if it makes her more comfortable.


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    Roclin has it right.

    At CN you will more than likely want to walk the entire beach and swimwear is the best choice. So just wear your suit to the beach. We always enjoyed a stroll on the beach a couple times a day and it was nice to have my suit right there were I could put it on and not need to go back to the room.

    At CTI, I wore my suit over and then took it off. There was one girl there that just had on light weight shear cotton pants and a tank and then took it off. You could do the same thing at CSS, but I always just wore my suit over. Always gave me the option of the textile beach or mineral pool without needing to go back to my room.

    At CN, I've been known to wear a wrap over to the hot tub at night. We never made it to the AN beach at night at CSS, but I'm sure if we went I'd wear the wrap and there is no where to AN at night at CTI.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I forgot to mention that I don't suggest a robe, especially during the day. It is just too hot for that much clothing.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Just throw on a sundress .... easy to take off and still look good!

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    AT CSS/SSB my wife and I like to go island style. We both throw on a sarong and off we go, and Yes real men do wear sarongs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwillie View Post
    AT CSS/SSB my wife and I like to go island style. We both throw on a sarong and off we go, and Yes real men do wear sarongs.
    Your comment on real men brought a smile to my face. For years I played with a bagpipe band. At the Highland Games, one of the most popular t-shirts for sale said "Real Men Wear Kilts". The funny thing was that I only ever saw them on men wearing blue jeans!

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    We just got back from CSS and went to Sunset Beach almost every day. I always wore my swimsuit with a cover up; the same as I would wear to the main beach. You just take it off once you get situated. Sometimes it took me a little while to get situated <g>.

    We made lots of friends who did not go to the AN beach, so we would go to AN for an hour or so in the morning to minimize tan lines, then head over to the main beach side for lunch and the rest of the afternoon.

    Tell your wife to try not to be nervous or worried. I was SO nervous the first two days that I thought I would throw up. Such a waste! Nobody cares what you look like, and everyone is very friendly if you choose to socialize. We hid the first day, but started talking to people on the second day.

    It was a great feeling to tan and swim in the nude. You HAVE to give it a try!!!



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