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    Default fitness facilities at CSS

    We are booked at CSS in Nov and we were just wondering what the fitness facilities were like? Are there aerobics classes and is there a decent selection of free weights? We are jacked to be going and can't wait.

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    Same question - how are the gym facilities at CSS?

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    We've been to CSS but have not tried the weight/fitness facility. From what we could see the equipment appeared to be well maintained. They do have aerobics classes in the workout pavilion, above the weight/fitness room. They will typically have a guest and resident fitness instructor and you may find them doing Step, Hi-Lo, Pilates and Yoga there. We've tried their workouts and have found them to be very good! There's also water aerobics at the mineral pool that's offered. We are avid aerobics fanatics, working our at least 4 times a week at home, and try to keep this up even during our vacation. You're going to enjoy working out with the ocean visible all around you!

    Bart & Bug

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    The fitness facility at CSS is fairly well equipped. It has several treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes in addition to a couple sets of free weights and benches plus a number (6 or 7?) of stack and plate based machines for legs and upper body. There is also a couple of stability balls and floor mats. The A/C wasn't terribly powerful in there that last time we were at CSS (May 2010), but sufficient. The gym was clean and they kept towels and water well stocked. I never made it to an organized class, but I tend to enjoy Tae-Bo type workouts versus mind-body or step aerobics.

    I may try to visit CTI just to check out their taebo this february. Has anyone tried that class to give a review?

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    See the other string - I just posted on that string, and someone else posted pictures as well. You won't be disappointed, except for possibly the fact that the machines face away from the ocean.



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