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    Default Daily Activities

    Does someone have a list on different activites that they have each day please.

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    click on the resort tab at top, then scroll down left side to activities then click , you are there, here is link to CN's...

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    I'm not clear on which resort you mean, but each has a representative list of typical activities on this website such as this one for CNG:

    However, the actual activities update regularly. This post list activities at CNG in March and when we were there in July the list was similar but already had a few modifications.

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    If you will go under the tab for each of the resorts and look on the lower left-hand corner, you will see a link for 'activities'. This shows day-by-day and hour-by-hour what the activities are.
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    If you go to the top of this page above the pictures, click on the name of the resort that you're going to. On that webpage go down to the bottom left and there is an item, "activities." Click on activities and a sample list will pop up for you. The actual activities may be slightly different when you get there but who cares when you've got so much to choose from?

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    if you go under each resorts "page" activities are a shows the daily schedule for each.

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    If you click on the swept away tab at the top, then you should be able to click on the activities link on the left side then they should have a full list of all the activities every day and the times of the day they are held.

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    Have you looked throught the webstie? I know if you go to the individual resorts page and scroll down, look on the lefthand side and there is a navigation bar that includes this information. Hope that helps! =)

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