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    Default Planning On Being At CSA On Tusday.

    We are so happy that none of the staff at Couples were hurt during the terrible storm. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Do you think it is wise to still go or is it a better idea to postpone the trip for a month or so?

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    ... it;s a tough call...if it don't rain..the hotel is fine. i left on Sept30.and would go back if it ever stop raining

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    No I would not postpone. We are arriving at CTI on Wednesday and I would never postpone. The weather is looking some better until next Monday. This is the day we leave so no biggie. You will still be Jamaica mon so go and enjoy.

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    The only damage we saw that might affect your trip was to the boats (if you are planning on watersports). When we left CSA on Sept 30, the snorkel boat was way down the beach and the glass had broken out of the bottom. The dive boat could be seen in the bushes alongside of the resort as we took our shuttle back to the airport. So, you might call and ask about those things. Otherwise, there was just a lot of cleaning up to do.

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    We're off to CSA on the 14th and after being reassured all is well and seeing Randymon's pictures of the beach, there's no way we won't be on that plane!
    I am a bit concerned by kellyanne's post about the dive boat, though, as we love to dive every day. Can someone please let us know if the diving is still proceeding??

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    We leave on tuesday also and I am for sure being on the plane. I have been waiting too long to miss it.

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