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    Default Returning home from CN

    We've returned earlier this week from our first visit to CN.
    It was a delicious experience that cannot be easily put into words. But I can say wihtout a doubt that the place is MAGICAL!

    To those of you who are repeaters to CN I now understand why.
    The staff embodies service beyond compare; whatever was requested was either done or every effort exhausted in order to comply.
    If anyone reading this has yet to make a decision, I hope this
    note nudges you closer to deciding on CN.

    I will save every penny it takes to return "home".

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    Glad to hear you had a Great Time!!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CN!!!
    Couples Negril = Paradise

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    Default CN is awesome

    We have also recently returned from CN. The staff went out of their way to please us. We made many new friends while we were there and one day we ordered 15 Bob Marleys and they didn't say a word. Here is a picture of our drinks. It was a beautiful trip!
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    Default returning home

    If you drank all of those Bob Marley's its a wonder you're still alive! I had 1 "Ziggy" and it laid me out cold for the whole night (ha). The next day Durval at the pool bar made one and set it on fire! What a drink..

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