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    Default Any Info Yet On CSA Anniversary Party?

    We will be leaving for CSA in 6 days and we are wondering if there is any information yet on the details of the Anniversary Party.

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    we found out the theme and schedule when we arrived last year the thursday before the party.


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    Hi - I have posted the themes for both CNG and CSA anniversary parties.

    CSA - White Weddings

    CNG - Old Hollywood

    Couples Resorts

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    I have never been to one of these but we are going to the one at CSA this year. The theme is white weddings so are we supposed to wear white? I can't get any information other than the theme so I have no idea what to bring with us. I have no idea what goes on at all so I am worried that we will not be prepared. Is there a dress code? I fear we won't be allowed in since I don't know what to wear or anything.

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    No worries, Melody;

    We won't kick you off property if you're not wearing white... :-)

    Friday night at CSA is the party night and many, but not all people will be wearing white. Wear what you are comfortable in.

    Couples Resorts

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    OK - so when are the anniversary parties?

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    That's good! Is it a formal party or more like the beach party? Thanks!

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