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    Default CTIís Capacity?

    Hello all,
    How full is CTI in December?


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    We will be there the 11th - 18th. We have a atleast 1 couple join us.

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    Crowded? Not Crowded?

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    hi we will be there also ...

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    It depends if you are talking the first of December or the last of December. But either way it is not an issue. Couples does not overcrowd their resorts.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We are there at the end of December.

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    We have been in July when it is near capacity and have not had problems. There is so much to do that it never feels crowded. This past July was the first time we have not had first choice in our dining on the day of arrival. But again, not a problem.

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