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    Default Pix of Tower Isle

    There always seem to be a lot of questions about Tower Isle. Here are some pix that give a good sense of what its like. We were first on one morning and were able to do this. First two are taken from the tower and show the pool area (usually busy) and the quiet east end (usually private). The last one is the ocean facing part in between. I'm only allowed three attachments, so I'll look for a way to post the additional pix of the pool, tower, etc.

    note - pix too big to attach. Click my profile link (ct cti fan)and look at the alblum or you can go here
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    Doesn't look like the pix attached or were not approved yet. You can click my name and go look at the album for more pictures of the island

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    Your pictures were not attached, so we have nothing to see.
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    Now they are working. Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Nice.

    Oh I can't wait. Under 2 weeks! Drink in hand with my lover, it's all good in the sun.

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    GREAT pics. 13 day's baby! fun in the SUN with my girl and a RUM.

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    You lucky devils! I want rum under the sun with my girl and her naked bum!

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    Get pictures.
    Irie Mon

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