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    That's great Terri. We are flat out with work so not getting the exercise we should be. Jas is flying back to England tonight for work, he'll be there a week. Enjoy the summer , it's a shame we won't get to be at CTI the same time this year. We are just planning 2012. A group of us are just finalizing the dates. CTI soon come Mon.

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    153 days and counting Can't wait for Oct. to come around.

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    139 days and counting.

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    141 days to go

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    128 to go

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    134 days to go I lost 20lb so far and hope to loose more before going.

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    Good stuff, Phil.

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    Thanks Kris

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    Well, we've booked for 2012. Oct 2-16th. Wanted to take advantage of the credit being offered. Ithink were at 118 days countdown for this year. Soon come Mon.

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    Hi! I wanted to reach out and say hello. My fiance and I have booked our honeymoon to CTI for October 23-Nov 1. We are supper excited and can't wait! Does anyone have any recommendations for us prior to leaving or for once we arrive?
    Jeff and Aly

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    118 days to go,, Got back from Flordia trip now count down to CTI...

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    Well, the decision has been made.........................unless something amazing happens, like winning the lottery, we are not going to be at Tower Isle this year. My job is still at risk, although I will probably be ok until March 2012, after that who knows???

    Looking forward, it is Wilf's 60th birthday October 12th 2012. Ideally he would like to spend it at one of his favourite places, CTI of course. So now I am putting every spare penny into a savings jar and hopefully will scrape enough money together for 2012. If we can't make in 2012 because of the work situation, well the money will come in useful.

    I'm sorry we are going to miss seeing you all, but fingers crossed for 2012.

    Right, I'm now going to hop over to dandj's October 2012 thread!!

    Trish & Wilf

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    Trish & Wilf, there are a fair few regulars missing 2011 so don't feel too bad. The good thing is, everyone who's not going this year has already areed on dates for next year

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    I'm going to try again. Not sure what happened, reply was posted before I finished typing. Trish & Wilf, don't feel too bad about missing this year. Quite a few of our group are skipping this year. The good thing is everyone has already agreed on dates for 2012 and while it's a long wait it's worth waiting for. I hope your job situation improves and the savings jar fills fast. Let us know what day your anniversary is and we'll toast you in your absence.

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    109 days 7 hrs 17 min until we leave for Jamaica,, using a free countdown appt for iphone

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    Default October 22-29 :)

    Hi! Bill and I are going to be at CTI October 22nd-29th. Can't wait! Was a long New Jersey Winter and we're STILL thawing out!
    ~ Lori & Bill

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    96 days to go. Soon come Mon.

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    Oct fast approaching, 2012 is being booked, and we have to use 3 more days from the photo contest...Dec soon-come, too!

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    Double digit dance time! 99 days to go until we are "home." It tek!

    Shane & Amy
    Mocksville, North Carolina
    CTI October 2006, CTI October 2009, CTI October 2010, CTI October 2011, CN October 2012, CSS October 2013, CSS October 2014, CSS October 2015, CSS October 2016, CTI April 2018, CTI August 2019

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    Down to 96 days! I hate wishing summer away, because it's so short, but I am so excited to come back home!!!

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    99 days to go

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    Lets keep it going I know its summer here but 88 days to come home

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    Hey Everyone!
    Steve and Holly here, we were at CTI in September last year and met Scott and Kim and all the Ivan Islanders. This year we booked CSS for Oct 4-14th but will be making a few day trips to CTI! We are excited to try CSS, but I think the island is my favorite place in the world!!

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    80 days to go.

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    Just wanted to say hello to the board. My fiancee and I have just booked our honeymoon to CTI! it will be our first time to Jamaica and we are extremely excited. We will be there Oct 23 - Nov 4. we were hoping to possibly meet some new people on here, that will be at the resort during our stay. 102 days and counting! (100 days till the wedding, i guess we have to get that out of the way first ) Looking forward to hearing from anyone, and the possibilities of new friends.

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