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    Default Anniversarycouple

    A couple of martinis, celebrating CSA's 12th anniversary ...
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    Default Shipwreck

    Don't let a little ship "wreck" your day at CSA!
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    Default October Photo Contest

    Pic #1: Anticipation of our first Couples Negril Sunset, 7-APR-10
    Pic #2: Sunset Vibe Couples Negril, 7-APR-10
    Pic #3: I love Jamaican beer at Couples Negril
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    Default CTI June 2010

    ** A "Dirty Dancing" moment in the pool. Nobody puts baby in the corner! :-)

    ** What an amazing view. It's burned ibto my brain and I think about it every day!

    ** The view from the lounge chair on the beach.
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    Default Stairway to Heaven?

    Couples Swept Away Reception area:

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    Default Watermelon art at Couples Swept Away

    One of the beautiful displays at the fantastic restaurants at CSA

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    Default Musicians

    Local Musicians at CN during lunch:

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    Default Couples Swept Away - Sept 5-11, 2010

    We had an amazing trip to CSA.

    Cabana Grill:

    The Martini Bar:

    Trading Places - Couples Negril:

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    Couples Sans Souci, The most beautiful sunset ever. Can't wait to see it again!
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    Couples Sans Souci. The best sunset ever. Can't wait to see again! We stayed 10-4-10 - 10-9-10.
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    Default 25th Wedding Anniversary at Sans Souci, September 2010

    Early morning view of the Spa, the magical colours greeted us on our first morning.

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    The beautiful beach at Sans Souci.

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    Philip, the awesome Divemaster who made my first dive for many years so much fun, and so safe.

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    Default October Photo Contest

    Couples Sans Souci Oct 2-11

    1. close up of plants/flowers outside our room

    2. caught a perfect view of a ship in the opening of the tower

    3. This is one of the great pictures my wife took of the Starlight Gala
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    Default - home - sweet - home -

    Who says that parents have no influence over their children?

    This is an unsolicited drawing by my 10 year old daughter. Guess who already wants to get married at Couples (some day...a long, long time away).

    My wife is going to try to recreate this scene as soon as possible!
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Default October 2010 photo contest

    My husband and I came to Swept Away with a group of friends from Oct 10-18th. This was our second stay and we look forward to our next. We love coming to CSA, it feels like a second home. Leaving is always hard, but the hardest part is leaving behind all of the friends that we have made with the CSA staff.
    photo #1. Horse on the beach
    photo #2. Raft on the beach
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    Peaceful IRIE feeling in CN
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    Default CSS honeymoon!

    1. Dusk at CSS
    2. Kissing my new bride on the beach
    3. Before the Gala
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    Default Couples Negril - Oct. 10 - Oct. 16 - First (of Many)Timers

    CN Chocolate Sunset

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    CN Garden Bird with No Worries Mon

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    CN Beach Wedding Chapel at Sunset

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    Default October Photo Contest

    We had a great time at Couples!! Cannot wait to do it again!!
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    Default Twilight Cruise

    The twilight excursion is a wonderful way to spend the evening with great friends!

    A Beautiful Sunset

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    A Mermaid at Twighlight

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    Default Fantastic vacation!

    This was our first trip to a Couples resort. We were there in August of 2010 and cannot wait to go back.

    1. This picture is from the beach at Couples Negril. I loved how the shadows fell and were cast onto the sand.

    2. This is a perfect sunset from our balcony.

    3. This was during the bonfire on one of the evenings where the fireman started the fire.

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    my husband and i just returned from CSA
    october 10th to 19th
    cant wait to return !!!

    my three entries -

    1. boys running into ocean
    2. jamaican morning
    3. early morning beach shot
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    CSA - 3/19/2008 -3/25/2008
    CSA - 11/4/2008 - 11/11/2008
    CSA - 10/7/2009 - 10/14/2009
    CSA - 10/10/2010 - 10/19/2010

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    Default Couple Tower Isle February Office Trip

    1. This is the pumpkin my boss grew and carved with the Couples Logo on it.
    2. It's fall in Indiana, but we fell in love again at the Couples Tower Isle resort.
    3. This picture was taken at our Jamaican Couples Party!
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    The flowers at CSA are amazing, but this one was my favorite! The resort is absolutely breathtaking!
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    A postcard picture from our own room! Wish we could wake up to this everyday!
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    Another amazing view from our very own room! A perfect view on our wedding night!
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    I like the first one

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