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    Hi EVeryone,

    My other half enjoys golfig and i see it is included in the package (caddy required). I was wondering a few things about this inclusion (at CSA)

    1. What is the golf courses like? As I would most likely be the one joining him (and i don't golf regularly and I am not very good). If they are very high skilled and pretige greens i would not want to go. Hubby is not the best golfer either but he has started to get into the sport and enjoys it. Thought this may be something nice to try as long as it is not a very serious glf course.

    2. What is the cost of a caddy and clube rentals?

    If anyone would like to comment any further on their experiences with CSA and their golf availalbe I would greatly appreciate it!

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    The golf course at Negril Hills wasn't in as good condition as I expected when we played there in January (having played at the course near CTI previously). But as a relatively new golfer myself it was more than good enough for us. You will find all levels of golfers on the course from those who have never played before, to good golfers, so you don't need to worry if you are new to the game. When we played near CTI it was the first full size course I had ever played on, so was quite nervous, but the caddies are really helpful and have seen all sorts.

    I can't remember exact costs of the caddy, but the payment to the club was fairly small (~$7 for nine holes and ~$14 for 18 holes). We then used to tip the caddies (typically $10-15 for nine holes without a buggy). The course at Negril Hills is quite hilly, so a buggy may be preferably over 18 holes. We took our own clubs as it was cheaper than hiring, so I don't know their cost.
    There is further information on fees on the FAQs on the couples website:

    The shuttle leaves CSA at 8am for 18 holes, and at 1pm for 9 holes. The transfer time was about 15 minutes. You just book the day before at the concierge desk and they give you a voucher.

    Hope this helps.

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    You will be fine playing at Negril Hills. Be sure to let your caddie know you are new to game. Then be sure to enjoy yourself and the game. Don't torture yourself by trying to hit difficult shots from bad lies or out from behind trees. Again, let your caddie's know when you start the round that you will be playing preferred lies so they don't wonder what's going on when you pick you ball up and move it away from a tree root or a rock.

    When we golf on vacation, we don't keep score. It's amazing how much less stressful a round can be when you don't count your shots.

    One more idea, if you're certain you will golf, pack your golf glove, some tees and some balls so you don't have to scramble around buying them before your round. After your round you can give your left over tees and balls to your caddies so you don't have to lug them home. The caddies will appreciate them as most of the caddies play golf now and then when they can.

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    Hi Wendy,
    The course at Negril Hills is hilly as the title says. My buddies and I played two rounds there in December of 2008. We are in our mid 50s and walk when playing golf, unless carts are mandatory of course. If you and your husband are in good shape you should walk it with your caddies. You can save the cart fee and spend it on two rounds of drinks for you and your caddies. I recall that six drinks cost me around $18 (including the tip). If you walk and kid around with your caddies like we did it is much more enjoyable than zipping around in a cart. As Rocklin suggested, don't keep a serious score because the fairways will be hard and your ball will bounce into all kinds of trouble. Just give yourselves relief from trouble and enjoy your round in beautiful Negril. When we were there the rental clubs were terrible. Thank god two of us took our own clubs with us or I don't thing we would have enjoyed it as much. As a matter of fact, my buddy who rented, rented a decent set from his caddie for the second round we played. I emptied my bag before I left of all the stuff that wasn't necessary so the caddie didn't have to do it like the one I had in Ocho Rios did. Have a good time and when you get home you can brag to your friends, "We played golf in beautiful Negril, Jamaica!" Here's a few pics to give you an idea of how the course looks.
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    Default Negril Hills Golf

    We went to CSA in April for our honeymoon and my hubby is also a golfer, and myself not so much, so I didn't even play, I just rode along in the cart! It was a lot of fun! My husband enjoyed golfing and I snapped a bunch of pictures along the way. No charge for you to just ride along!
    It wasn't the most incredible golf course we had ever seen, but we ended up having a lot of fun! Our caddy was the best! Just make sure you wear a shirt with sleeves, I definitely didn't even think of that and they made me purchase a shirt... ahh the memories!

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