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    Default Are cigarettes cheap in Jamaica?

    Are Cigarettes cheap in Jamaica?

    Someone told me recently that they believe cigarettes are selling for $10.00 a carton in duty free stores? Is this true?

    If so are they the name brands like Marlboros? Are they different like Pepsi is different in Jamaica compared to Pepsi here in the states?

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    Last April Marlboros at CTI were about $7.00 per pack. Elsewhere around Jamaica the price varies between $5.00 to $8.00


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    I don't think so!! This is in TI Game Room.
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    Well, it's been since 2008 since we purchased cigs at CTI and they were expensive. Plus they were stale. I'd get them at home and pack them in your suitcase.

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    I quit 5 years ago but I remember reading that weeds are more expensive.

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    I purchased a 5 carton special package of Marlboro in the duty-free on our way home for $96.00.
    and yes there is a slight difference
    I believe cigarettes are about $8.00/pack US in the gift shops
    CTI/April Amigos

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    I have since quit smoking but on our first trip there I think I paid $20 per carton at the duty free shops. They had Marlboro and Marlboro Lights as well as others. I thought they tasted terrible.

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    they are expensive in the gift shops but cheap in the duty free by the carton.

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    $20 a cart, wow it has been a while for you, $7 will get you a pack of heaters at most bars or bait shops in the US...The old smoke machine, the last time I played one of those I pulled the wrong lever and got Camel Straights, No Filter, rather than Camel Lights, Woke up the next morning and my lungs felt like 2 charcoal briquettes...Get a carton stateside and if you need more bite the bullet and get them on the beach...The sign at the shop south of CSA says, Wet Feet, Sandy Feet, Cold Feet, no problem come on in...133 Days 'til Rum Cream All I Want

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    We just came back from CSA last weekend. Sad story having to leave. Cig in the gift shop $8, across the street at the mini mart- $7, down the beach towards margaritaville paid $5 p/p and negotiated $35. a carton (asking $50-70) at another place.
    At the duty free in MB $48 for 2 cartons and $98 for 5. Was told only allowed to bring in 1 carton per per person duty free. Custom guy in FTL confirmed. Stated 10.67 per carton duty, but he also said when a person looks honest and states they have 3 or 4 they might slide.

    Gosh I have to quit

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    We go to Jamaica every 4-6 months. Cartons at the duty free shop at the airport are about $22 with no tax! They have a decent selection.

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    the cigarettes available there are not made in the states, the Marlboros i looked at a few years ago were made in Venezuela.

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