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    Default cat sailing at CSA

    My boyfriend and I are avid much experienced sailors. I know CSA has sailboats that guest can use. Are the boats decent or are they POS like some other resorts I have visited. I heard there is a Prindle Escape as well as Hobie Waves. Can guests use the Prindle Escape or only ride on it with staff members at the helm?

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    The boats are very nice. I've posted a picture below of the Hobies. I'm not sure about the Prindle Escape since I don't know much about sailboats. However, I do know that if you are an experiences sailor, then the watersports staff will let you take the boat out by yourself. You just might have to show them that you know what your doing first.
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    Actually, if you have no experience sailing at all, they will give you a short lesson (must be scheduled in advance) and then you can take a Hobie Cat out anytime there is one available and the weather permits (before 4:00 PM).

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    At CN it's Waves and one Getaway, but you have to beg to take it out because the jib confuses people. I grew up on a Hobie 16 and these plastic things just don't preform. They are however pretty indestructible which is way you see them at all the resorts. The Getaway was ok.

    Bring your gloves. When the water sports guy saw I had sailing gloves he finally let me have the Getaway.

    They have wind surfers too. Didn't see any Prindles

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