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    Default Stay at CN/Play at CSA?

    Hi all:

    We have been to CSA several times and very much enjoy the sports complex for the tennis.

    This year we have booked four days at CN and 6 days at CSA. Does anyone know if when we are at CN, we can play tennis at the sports complex at CSA. It is only a few miles away.



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    From the FAQs:

    Can I visit other Couples Resorts? (Trading Places program)

    Romance Rewards members will now be offered the privilege of complimentary day passes to a nearby Couples Resort. We're calling the program "Trading Places".

    In Negril, Trading Places is available between Couples SweptAway and Couples Negril.

    In Ocho Rios, Trading Places is extended between Couples Sans Souci and the NEW Couples Tower Isle.

    Here are the rules and conditions for the new Romance Rewards Trading Places:

    1. Trading Places is restricted to Romance Rewards members only. Since it may take several days for new Romance Rewards member account to be activated, only Romance Rewards members who have an active account upon arrival at your resort are eligible.

    2. Trading Places is limited to a maximum of 10 couples per day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

    3. Romance Rewards members must sign up for Trading Places with Guest Relations 24 hours in advance. The sign up is only available while you are on property. Romance Rewards members may only sign up for Trading Places once per stay.

    4. Complimentary transfers from your resort to the nearby resort will depart at 9:45 am and will depart from the nearby resort back to your resort at 4:00 pm.

    5. Should you decide to leave the nearby resort prior to 4:00 pm, transfer costs will be at your expense. If you miss the 4:00 pm transfer, the nearby resort reserves the right to charge the current day pass rate.

    6. Activities at the nearby resort which require reservations such as excursions and scuba are not part of the day pass privilege. Spa facilities may be utilized subject to availability; however no coupons or credits from your resort may be used at the nearby resort.
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    The only thing I'm aware of with Couples is the Trading Places pass where you go from one resort to another on the same side of the island. You leave your resort at about 10 AM and leave the visited resort at about 4 PM. Hope this helps.

    Bart & Bug

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    you can do a day pass...but they have nice courts at CN too!

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    Couples resorts has an exchange program called "Trading Places" It allows you to visit the sister resort in thr town you are staying in. In your case from CN to CSA
    It is available Mon, Weds & Fridays only. It is from 10 AM to 4 PM only. Transportation is provided. If you choose to return to your home hotel earlier then 4 PM you will have to provide your own transportation. While at CSA you can use all the facilities except for reservation activities. You can go and eat at any restaurant while you are there before 4 PM Yes, you can use the tennis courts
    It is also limited to 10 couples in each direction
    We did it from CSS to CTI last year. It gives you a little taste of the other resort

    If you want to stay longer you have to pay for a day pass and provide transportation

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    Considering the limitations, it appears like guests are discouraged from visiting the other properties.

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    We did the day trip last Feb. and it was no hassle. We were staying at CSA and wanted to spend a day at CN since that's where we were married some 12 years before. We took the provided transportation at 10 AM and really enjoyed our trip down "memory lane" for the day. The staff at CSA as well as at CN could not have been nicer. At CN they welcomed us "home"and we were happy to find that the resort had aged less than we had! LOL! We took bunches of pictures that you can view here:

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. The rules seem kind of strict. My guess is we can a get taxi to take us to the sports complex early say about 7:30 am, and pick us up and return us to CN by lunch.

    I love hanging by the pool tat CSA in the morning. Probably only do this once so my guess is that everyone will be quite accommodating.

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