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    Default CTI & CSS Nov 10-16

    We are going to spend 3 days ar each resort Nov 10-16. I am going to try the AN if I can talk the wife into it (hopefully she'll be up for it).

    I am going to have her read these posts so she's not worried about C-sect scar.

    Anyone else going be there? we are from Texas

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    Will be chilling on CSS - SSB November 12 - 20!!!

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    Connie and I will see you there. We have changed to have all 7 days at CSS Nov. 10-17th

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    Scars are not a problem. No one cares how you look on SSB or CTI as long as you wear birthday suit!

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    Bob and I (from TX too!) have traveled to a few AN destinations over our 25 year marriage and Couples has been, by far, the BEST place to “hang” out! I too, have scars (and a soft belly) from carrying large babies. Do I like it – heck no! Am I still a little apprehensive about going to an AN beach after all these years – heck yes! But you know what, after the first few minutes and maybe a drink (or two), I start feeling comfortable – and besides, who really cares anyway? Last year we met many couples on the island at CTI – who have become very good friends! We are all meeting at CSS the week of Nov 13 and will be “hanging out” at SBB… looking forward to meeting you guys in a few weeks!

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    Default CSS Nov 10-17

    Okay Tracy, we are counting down the days. We will be the (or I will be, Pat)with the Aggie hat. It should be fun with the Texas connections.

    Pat and Connie

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    Noone cares what you look like, if they did you would have the whole beach to yourself. My wife and I will be going back at the end of the month for our 3rd visit. After a few minutes you will feel right at home. Enjoy!!!!

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    Default Couples Sans Souci November 13th - 20th

    We will be there, scars and all, November 13 - 20th for our fourth visit to Couples Sans Souci. All are welcome!
    Doug and Patti

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    Default 11/7/ to 11/14

    CSS and SSB (everyday) from 11/7 to 11/14.

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    You know what? The first time my husband said "you want to try the island?" (it was COR back then) I thought, I'll never see these people again, everyone is naked, so no clothing optional which actually makes the whole thing that much more intimate. I was more self conscious going clothing optional because I felt like everyone was looking at my bottoms when most were AN. I am soooo glad he talked me into it. We went to the 'quiet side' (right of the tower), found a couple loungers, got into the proper attire (ok, so - no attire) and he left to get us drinks. So, here I am in the sun (wow, how liberating), now I'm sweating, thirsty, alone. I got up, walked over to the bar, found hubby (oh, he'd order me my diet pepsi alright, but the ice cubes were melted, cause you know, he got talking). I ordered another pepsi with ice, and got talking. We went back to our loungers, gathered up our belongings and set up shop directly next to the pool and bar and all the activity. We never went back to the 'quiet side' except to go down the steps to the water. I don't know how to explain the difference between clothing optional and AN. People have said they wished there was the option of keeping a little something covered; I was one of them. Now that we've bared all, I feel like this is how it should be. Whenever I think of going to the main pool with a bathing suit on I get a bit sad. With a suit on, I'm always checking that it's not riding up, or something's popping out too much or whatever, or comparing myself to someone else. When I'm AN, I actually feel more comfortable - I know - doesn't make much sense does it? When we're all AN, we look into each others eyes when carrying on a conversation. Nobody cares that I've got a little too many bits and pieces or that those bits jiggle when I really wish they wouldn't, but then, I don't care as much that they do.

    All I can say is, give it a try your first day, don't chicken out, we know what we're talking about. Just find a spot, and get AN, pretend like you do it all the time, no one will be the wiser. You'll make lasting friendships because nobody is hiding anything, everyone is equal - scars, jiggles, wiggles, stretch marks are not the focus.

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    We will be there Nov 11-18 and I am definately going to the island. Nothing beter than wandering around nekkid lol

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    We are looking to do a trading places trip to CTI from CSS, hopefully see yall on island.

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    Hey, its our first time and we will be at CTI Nov 11-18 too!! Our friends, Keith and Lorann, are meeting us from Milwaukee and we ARE going to the island. See you there!!

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    We are at TI Nov 13-19th. We might give it a shot. Hope to meet some cool people.

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